MLM Coach Curt

My love for network marketing was for the most part because it was a vehicle where the average person could learn and be empowered.  Like Robert Kyosaki explains, it is a place to grow.  Yes, I made money.  And Yes, thousands of people in my organizations grew and were empowered.  Its a better lifestyle hanging around positive people wanting more and helping others.  I don’t regret it.  BUT, here is the other side of the coin.  Very few made money – any kind of profit.  Less than 3% ever made a profit.  (The company you love is about the same – I promise – just ask for their “Income Disclosure Statement.”)

If you have stumbled upon this page, I’ve moved on from MLM.  I still like it due to the reasons above, but have found a model that is FAR more effective for helping people make money.  The percentage of people who make money that act on the training we provide is almost 100%.

I’ve enjoyed working as Director of Coaching for Ann Sieg’s Community now for several years.  If you are interested in finding out more about eCommerce, feel free to join us.  Reach out to me through Facebook.

Ann Sieg & MLM Coach Curt






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