Who is Napoleon Hill ?

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill is best know for his book, Think and Grow Rich. (1937)

Think and Grow Rich is one of the best selling books of all time, thus why many ask “Who is Napoleon Hill?”

Hill is credited for discovering “The Laws of Success.”

Most of his work and influence came in the first half of the 20th
century after being commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to interview
the 500 most successful people to discover and then write about
the keys to success.

He was an adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

His life was filled with victories and tragedies, and from
my Christian world view, true Success escaped his reach most
of his life, which is ironic.

Along with his successes, he suffered many losses including
battles with depression and 2 failed marriages.

Napoleon Hill came from a humanistic world view (in a nutshell
a belief that there is no greater power that man is accountable to.)

What we as Christians shouldn’t do is throw the baby out with
the bath water.  His discoveries and then the ability to put
them in palatable form for the average person was remarkable.

What we as Christians should do is not be fearful – and open
to learn from those who have struggled and discovered truths
that benefit mankind.  Ex:  I have no idea about the Wright
Brother’s faith or life, but grateful for their work and fly
in airplanes often 🙂

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Who is Napoleon Hill ?

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