The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle

The Renegade Team Launches Inner CircleThe Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle under the leadership of Ann Sieg and the 80/20 Marketing Team.    Ann has been conducting webinars all week to introduce her newest venture to the members of the Renegade Team but the official launch is May 29, 2012.

Marsha Godwin was one of the Founding Members of  The Renegade Team  when it was formed in the summer of 2011.   What she has learned has been instrumental in moving her business forward in leaps and bounds.  She was struggling in finding her voice online and was chasing one shiny object after another looking for online success.   Today, Marsha is one of the Renegade Team Certified Trainers, she is the author of, she is co-author of a blog for her MLM Team, she is a guest author on other blogs, she is coaching and mentoring others, she is leading an income producing MLM Team and she is launching her own products in the very near future.

Marsha contributes much of her success in the past few months to the trainings, marketing systems, like-minded community, team challenges and the mentoring offered within the Renegade Team.

The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle

So…you can only imagine how excited was when Ann Sieg and her 80/20 Marketing Team announced The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle.   I was excited before I even knew the details.  I knew what The Renegade Team had done for me and my business…I could only image what being part of her Inner Circle was going to do!

The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle

Some of the things that I am so excited about are:

  • Exclusive 90 Day Inner Circle Challenges
  • Renegade Breakthrough Business System Coached by Ann Sieg
  • Exclusive and Private Inner Circle Community Page
  • Weekly Group Coaching and Mentoring Call with Ann Sieg, her team and guests
  • Partnering with Ann Sieg
  • And more…

The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle

The Renegade Team Launches Inner Circle on May 29, 2012.  If you are interested in learning more you can join us on an upcoming webinar or Contact Marsha and she’ll be glad to assist you.

Marsha Godwin


Marsha Godwin – Renegade Certified Trainer
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