Nutritional Healing – Bonnie Hershey

PNFKlogo_transparentBonnie Hershey is a wife and mother of 3 who brought their home business online to reach more families with their message. is a health resource guide for busy parents who are looking for nutritional healing and effective prevention for their kids.

In her months of online research, Bonnie discovered that much of the nutritional information concerning children lacked both a personal voice and specific proven techniques. She found a place for her unique voice and health coaching experience to truly bring help to those parents searching for answers.

Blogging and social media outlets have given Bonnie a platform to educate parents on the importance of nutrition for kids, and how to use this crucial area to pursue optimal health.

Their blog site now regularly pulls in new warm leads every day as they utilize social media networking and YouTube PPC. It’s been a huge learning curve, but they would say, “It is well worth the time and financial investment to learn how to navigate the online marketing world, utilizing coaches and mentors along the way.”

Bonnie and Brian Hershey live with their three kids in Dallas, Texas.

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