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Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Coach Curt has written an editorial ebook that reflects on Napoleon Hill and his classic book: Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill

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Hey welcome, everybody. This is Coach Curt Johnson and that’s and just welcome.
What we’re going to talk about in this series of success laws is kind of piggy-backing on Napoleon Hill’s work called Think and Grow Rich. He is considered one of the grand-daddies of the whole self-development success laws movement and his Think and Grow Rich is a classic work in the industry.

Many, many, many people, I’m talking millions of people have read this book and refer back to this book, Napoleon Hill  Think and Grow Rich book as part of a foundation to understand proper understanding of wealth and success and personal development principles. And so what we’re going to do today is I wrote an editorial ebook called Think Again and Grow Richer.

And so this series, if you’re listening to this via recording, this series, I just encourage you to walk through with me. If you haven’t read Napoleon Hill’s book, do that. I’m not afraid of hearing opinions that I don’t totally agree with. In fact, this one was so prevalent I felt compelled to write an editorial ebook regarding it and to sift through it from a Judeo-Christian world view.

And unfortunately Napoleon Hill and his Success Laws, if you study his life, it ended up being, in my opinion, not all that successful. And I think this was because you don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater but you do want to be a discerning, wise person and not just accept everything that someone says regardless of who’s endorsing it.

We’re just going to dive in in a little bit to his work and talk about these 13 Success Principles and these Success Laws over the next 13, 14, 15 weeks whatever it takes. This is just a broad stroke overview today that he has these 13 principles in his book: desire, faith, auto-suggestions, specialized knowledge, imagination, organized planning, decision, persistence, mastermind, sex transmutation, subconscious mind, the brain and the success. All those are basically his from his Think and Grow Rich.

Now what I do in Think Again and Grow Richer is I take each one of these Success Principles that he elaborates on in his work and give my editorial opinion and to some degree even warnings of those things that do not align up with someone that has a biblical world view because there are principles in here that just are counter to what a sincere Christian believer should embrace. And so when something’s so massively endorsed, a lot of people would say, “That means the whole thing is endorsed.” No I spoke – many of the people that endorse it don’t even mean it that way.

But there’s that there’s some nuggets in Think and Grow Rich that you can really glean from and improve your life in and that I would concur. I just went through the journey of going through this book Think and Grow Rich and took out what I consider to be the pearls, the nuggets of gold, and got rid of, quite honestly, a lot of junk. There’s a lot of junk in Think and Grow Rich, too.

A lot of dangerous stuff.

See I look at what Napoleon Hill did, and the reason rightfully so, he has notoriety and success in history is because he took a realm such as success and wealth and really went deep and studied it hard and discovered like a scientist discovers things. He discovered things about success and wealth that are really true. That are really needful in our mentalities and thinking. So in that I give him kudos and say, “Good job. Good on you, Napoleon Hill.”

Now since he wasn’t a Christian and in biblical values, he also got lost or didn’t realize the danger of some of these laws. Let me give you an example. The law of gravity. The law of gravity exists and influences everybody on earth just as success laws do. And the law of gravity is benign. It’s impartial to the fact that it doesn’t care whether you live in the western hemisphere, in the northern hemisphere. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t care how you grew up. It doesn’t care what faith you believe in. It doesn’t care if you’re a Buddhist, Christian or anything else. Okay?

In the law of gravity, you’re a human being and it’s going to affect you. Really good. Now the more we understand the law of gravity and the more we can cooperate with the law of gravity, the more successful we’ll be as human beings. Thus, for instance, take the aerospace industry. They don’t deny the law of gravity. They understand the law of gravity coupled then with the study of aerodynamics which I studied at the Air Force Academy. They’re cooperating with the law of gravity, if you will, so that we can travel through the air at hundreds of miles an hour on an airplane and fly all over the Earth. And again when I’m in that airplane the laws that are being cooperated with again are impartial. I might be sitting next to an atheist. It doesn’t matter. And I have and I enjoyed conversations with them. I might be sitting next to someone of the Muslim faith. The pilot could be an Atheist, a Christian, an Israeli, a Jew. It doesn’t matter. The laws are going to work the same impartially. And it’s not just gravitational-aerodynamical laws that’ll work impartially. For the most part, success laws will also work impartially.

Now even laws that are more subjective, there’s also a danger. If you don’t fully cooperate correctly with the laws of gravity, you’ll crash and burn and die. And so any misunderstanding the deeper, that you get in, in a sense there’s a more sense of danger to the whole thing also. And there’s many dangerous things that Napoleon Hill walked into that I don’t even think he knew he was walking into.

And I don’t claim to have full knowledge but I do claim to have a much clearer — after 40 years of biblical study and being a pastor and a preacher for many, many years — understanding from a Christian world view what some of these laws are and how they affect us as human beings and how to cooperate with them more fully without entering into the danger zones in many of them.

Some of them are New Age thoughts. Some of them are, again, the danger realm. I’m not going to get into the whole thing. I’m not trying to convince you of the fact that you need to be a Christian to be successful. That’s not it. Again I can fly in an airplane. It doesn’t matter what faith I am. You can find success by cooperating with your way God designed it. It’s God’s design. Gravity was God’s idea. And when we cooperate we find successful air travel.

Success and wealth was God’s idea.

And when we cooperate with it, we’ll find success and wealth. If we don’t or we ignore it, then we crash and burn in an airplane, and like Napoleon Hill’s life, you crash and burn in your life. And so we’re going to go through each one of these principles that Napoleon Hill talked about in his infamous work, Think and Grow Rich, and we’re going to look at it from a biblical world view called Think Again and Grow Richer. Richer in every sense of the word.

Now some people don’t want to listen to a Christian like me talk about success and wealth because they’ve heard others that claim to have the take on that point of view, and I just want to look at that real briefly today. One of the revelations that I received, that I had a long thinking of money that’s somehow it was okay or even more holy or godly to not have money. That’s crazy. It just doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t line up with God’s point of view. He wants to see his people very successful.

We’ll dive in next week to the first success principle of a burning desire is the first success principle, and next week we’ll start heading into these waters. And I guess the point maybe overall is it doesn’t really matter to me whether you agree with me or not or even agree with Napoleon Hill or not when I’m pointing out the things that are contrary to orthodox Christian point of view and that are dangerous for human beings.

It’s more that be a thinking marketer, be a thinking person and be a thinking successful person. Don’t just take things carte blanche that anybody says, including me and say, “Well this is how it is,” or “Napoleon Hill says this and so everything he says must be right.” No it’s not. We’re going to dive into some of that.

I hope you enjoy this series. I’ll keep them short. 10-15 minutes at a peak here and I do hope, my hope for you is that the way the Creator, God, made things that as you create with all of His laws and principles in life you’ll find more enjoyment and success in life. And that’s the goal and that’s the key. And if I offend you because you don’t believe in God, well I can be offensive. I guess all I’d say there is if you want to debate that with me, I’d be happy to. Get a hold of me. I’ve met him. I know him.

And if you’re more of a kind of a New Age-y, the universe creates all this and there’s really no divine human being, that’s okay too. The laws are the same. Remember the laws affect everybody the same but there are some dangers in there and it doesn’t threaten me at all. These laws God created, when I talked to a – and even if you are, I want to talk to you too. A committed New Ager that really doesn’t believe in a divine person that we call God just kind of discovers the universe and the laws that affect it.

That’s okay.

I know the guy that made all this. I’ve met him. I’ve talked to him on a daily basis. He’s a great guy and he doesn’t get threatened either by people discovering gravity and cooperating with it or discovering success laws and cooperating with them. That’s the journey that we’re on. I hope you can take that with a little bit of sense of humor and a grain of salt because you’ll be authentic, I’ll be authentic. And we’ll have a good time together.

That’s what this series is going to be about. That’s what it’s going to be like. And so I encourage you, particularly if you are and consider yourself a committed Christian and haven’t taken the time to go through this stuff and really understand where the danger zones are as you strive towards a success and wealth-creation in your life, I really encourage you to soberly work through this with me and hopefully we’ll have some good time along the way.

Thank you for joining me today. And many of my teammates will be listening to this also. And after these tips that, in this case on Tuesday morning, we’re going to talk about success laws and on Thursday mornings at the same time, 10:30 AM Central Time, you could join me here again and we’ll be talking about the consultants giving tips for network marketers. Thanks for being with me and if you want to hang around for a little bit after the 8 sessions, I’ll tell you a little bit about what I’m doing in the industry and how you might be able to come along with me if you want. Thanks. Bye.

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