Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #9

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Napoleon Hill

Hey welcome back, this is Coach Curt with another addition of commentary on Napoleon Hill‘s Think and Grow Rich.

This is lesson # 9, as we go through these series the point isn’t to try and teach on them but to give a fresh biblical perspective.

Napoleon Hill

Many people trying to enter the self improvement, self growth, home marketing arena start hearing about and learning about success laws which is really great and really important kind of stuff but having said that..they refer to Napoleon Hill‘s work often.
They think they can just eat the whole pie, crust and everything is in it, not realizing there’s some stuff in there if you are a committed Christian to biblical principles that is not good. If you are getting MLM coaching don’t take everything hook line and sink, you’ve got to think to think it through. The Bible even says to take every thought captive and so on and so forth.
Success laws are important even if you’re not a Christian that’s fine too just at least understand the dynamics that Napoleon Hill was a scientist that discovered some things that God created. Napoleon Hill doesn’t give the God of the bible credit for all this although many of the principle he discovered are delineated in there and we can understand and cooperate as Christian believers.
So principle # 9 is to mastermind. The ultimate mastermind is the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Group efforts have been a part of creation since day one and maybe that’s the reason they work so powerfully. I work in a mastermind all of the time. I’m part of a staff ..this picture is me with Justin Gehring, Marsha Godwin, Ann Sieg, Rich and Natasha Haslett, and Isaiah Sieg.
We could not accomplish what we want to accomplish in the network marketing, internet marketing and attraction marketing industry if we did not collaborate, if we didn’t work together and take on challenges as a team looking for answers. You put one more brain in something and it creates just that much more energy, synergism, and fun in moving forward.
So both at a job level and when I form a network marketing organization, which I’m doing right now, it’s early in 2013 if you want to look into that click on the 4×4 banner on my website here The first thing I establish in any new endeavor is a mastermind group. I really encourage you to take that principle and work it in your business.
Part of what Napoleon Hill talks about is infinite intelligence, accumulated experience, and experiment and research. So often people take only what they want to hear from success laws but Napoleon was very direct. The good part about it it’s not just a chant this stuff and believe it’s going to happen. It’s not what he said, there’s many other components that go into success.
If you’re getting mlm coaching I really encourage you not just to do the belief and dream boards, these are fine..but a lone you’ll never make it. This principle might be the strongest principle other than burning desire and that is having accumulating experience. Collective wisdom of a mastermind is far greater than you’ll ever figure out on your own. Then it’s not like “oh we’ve got it” Then we do research, we do market research.
Part of the skills we teach is how to do market research. Napoleon Hill is a proponent of that. The main issue here is number one of what Napoleon Hill talks about is he’s a humanist, he doesn’t believe in a creator God or a Biblical Judeo Christian beliefs. Humanism is basically putting man at God’s place and that I don’t believe in. God designed things so powerfully sometimes we say wow aren’t we powerful…no it kind of reminds me of a joke I heard between a cat and a the difference between a cat and a dog is? You feed a dog, you pet a dog, you take care of a dog and the dog says “wow my master must be a God”. A cat on the other hand you feed a cat, you pet a cat, you take care of a cat, and the cat says “wow I must be a God”.
The humanist says I must be a God…no, it’s the owner if you will. The God that created you and bought you. It’s much better to have the dog mentality there that wow the guy that created me is really incredible and wonderful and loving and we get to discover and cooperate that God ordained for us to walk in.
One of the success laws is don’t go it alone. Work with other people in a close environment, solving problems, using creativity, and moving forward. That in it of itself is a skill set and worth every ounce of energy if you want to do it. If you’re not in an organization that is implementing a true mastermind’s concepts, I’ve done this several times now with glowing success stories that have come out.
Use the mastermind as part of the success laws as you move forward in this commentary on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, MLM tips can help get you there also. I hope you enjoyed this editorial today and feel free to leave any comments.

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