Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #8

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Napoleon Hill

Hey welcome this is Coach Curt with another addition of success laws editorial on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich this 4th of December 2012.

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We are going to quickly look at the thirteen success principles. We are well into the series now so I’m just going to hit them bullet point at a time here.

Napoleon Hill’s first principle we talked about was Desire, maybe the main principle of all Napoleon’s work is having a burning desire. What I do with each one of these in my Ebook, you can download it at my sight and in this video series, is I talk about how they relate to Christians and their biblical faith.

Napoleon Hill’s second principle is Faith and how important it is to have a belief system that supports your burning desire of where you’re going and of course as Christians it has to be congruent and meshes with our values.

Napoleon Hill’s Success principle number three is Auto-suggestion. Again what Napoleon Hill did was discover laws that work, like a scientist and many of them are found also with scriptures as we apply them and move forward in our life.

Napoleon Hill’s Success Principle number four is Specialized Knowledge..getting rich,gaining wealth, finding success and however you define that. It’s not just a matter of getting lucky but really understanding that your expertise needs to develop and that also is a biblical value.
Napoleon Hill’s Success principle number five is imagination. This is where a lot of Christians get weak kneed and weary but God created your imagination. Napoleon Hill discovered that God created your imagination but he just didn’t give God credit for it.

Napoleon Hill’s Success Principle number six is organized planning. Of course you have to have a plan to move forward. So again all of Napoleon Hill’s success principles I filter them through biblical scriptural values so Christians can stay clear of the dangers of new age thought and be able to embrace that which is of biblical value in your following the Lord and in your life and achieve the destiny you were designed for.

We talked about that Decision + Declaration=Success. You need to speak our your future in order for it to happen. This is a very Biblical principle.

Napoleon Hill

On to Napoleon Hill’s “Decision” – number eight which we are onto today. Napoleon Hill talks about Persistence. Of course that is another scriptural value.

Once again you understand that God designed things not to be simple and easy like the chick working its way outside of it’s shell or the butterfly out of it’s takes work to grow into the next chapter or development of your life. That’s the way things are designed.

Things weren’t designed to be quick and easy, there is no such thing as get rich quick. if you do attempt to get rich quick those wealth’s will deteriorate rapidly underneath you.

Napoleon Hill talks about the four steps to develop persistence. Before I go over those the main disconnect for Christians in this is Napoleon Hill extols and places high value on man’s willpower. I do not.

Willpower is not God power. I rely on God Power. I rely on Holy Spirit power. In fact the greek word duminous found in the New Testament for power is actually where we get our word dynamite.

This is the foundation of where the source strength comes from to be persistent. Napoleon Hill says it’s from man, that man’s willpower and determination is the ultimate power .

That is simply not true.

Even those in my opinion and this is my world view if it helps you as Christian flow into these success laws,fine, if you disagree that’s fine too, I love healthy debate. Leave your comments here on the blog.

The source has to be God.

Now even though we perceive as not giving God credit like Napoleon Hill and many others, I love Winston Churchill example and his persistence but even those that acclaim to know God, love God, or follow Him in any way…I still believe they were still designed and desired by God to fulfill something in their life. It is still His grace that helps them move forward.

There are steps to follow.

How do you become persistent?

Napoleon Hill gets into that. The first is a definite purpose backed by burning desire for its fulfillment. Definite purpose! So many people say I just want more money, it’s vague and mumble jumble, foggy and undefined.

Number two is definite plan. Many people are not persistent because they don’t have a definite plan. They have wishes,dreams, it’s foggy, they just wish things would be better. That is not what will develop persistence in your life.

You have to have a plan of action expressed in continuous action! Some people look for something to fall from the sky to help them, NO. It’s continuous action, working on specific steps with a definite plan.

The third thing to develop persistence is a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences. This is where I disagree with Napoleon Hill just a little bit. It’s not positive thinking, it’s not positive determinations that will ultimately find success and all that…its TRUTH.

Truth sets free, not positive thinking. Sometimes truth is negative. A mind closed tightly against all negative influence I certainly understand what he’s trying to get at there, but we as Christians must be open to truth..even if it appears or takes the form of negativity.

It’s ultimately truth that will lead to true success and true riches in our life. Sometimes negativity will mean we have to repent, ask forgiveness, or we’ll have to forgive. We just don’t want to go into denial of reality of some things are on the negative nature.

Number four is a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. This is so important. You can’t do it alone.

Life wasn’t designed that way, success wasn’t designed that way.

Napoleon Hill very much understood that as he was writing this book. What he does here is he discovers this law and he elaborates on how to implement this law of persistence. He goes into a lot of humanism which is basically the human being is the ultimate source of strength and life and purpose.
That’s just not true.

Unless you believe in the divine being God, in my opinion, expressed through Jesus Christ, then it’s really a form of self worship, idol worship, man worship, humanism, and leads to a lot of deception.

You say “well Curt how can you compare that” I’m not going to get into all that or preaching mode, but anywhere the gospel has been preached throughout the centuries, throughout history and cultures…great success has come to those cultures. Great success economically, I could give a hundred examples but in particular with women.

Any time the gospel has been preached the plight of women has been alleviated and the growth of what women can do in that culture has grown exponentially. Take it from a historic point of view. If you desire persistence in your life, if you desire the plans you have to follow, give your creator credit for where you’re going and be open.

Don’t be tightly closed against negative thought but do protect yourself from negativism and discouragement. Do find those that are on this journey with you that also want to see success come to you and your life.

That camaraderie is great and beautiful and I hope you find that particularly in the context of Christian community. Those that desire to make a difference in the world for the sake of the Kingdom.

Part of that is by gaining wealth to make that difference and see more people come into the Kingdom. So, success law principle number eight is,persistence, is a great study and again Napoleon Hill doesn’t give the credit due to God the creator and how He designed this.

If this is the first video you’re seeing go back to the other ones or finish up the rest, grab my Ebook, and look forward to your “amens” or “you’re nuts” on my blog here, have a great day!

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