Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #7

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Napoleon Hill

Hello everybody this is Coach Curt with another addition of success laws and commentary on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

It is the 27th of November 2012. We’re going to cover the thirteen success laws in this series as we move along.

Let’s go ahead and dive into today. I won’t do a review on each of these because the Napoleon Hill videos, if you’re listening to this recording, are right here on this same blog sight and you can go to and click on Napoleon Hill and listen to the first success principle on Desire.

These are also based off my editorial Ebook Think Again and Grow Richer.

Napoleon Hill Success principle #2 we talked about Faith. Basically what I do with all these success principles

Napoleon Hill Success Principle #3 is Auto-suggestion is run them through a filter with a biblical world view.

Napoleon Hill Success Principle #4 is specialized knowledge.

Napoleon Hill Success Principle #5 is Imagination.

Napoleon Hill Success Principle #6 is organized planning and that brings us up to today.

Napoleon Hill Success Principle Success principle # 7 is decision. This is one of my favorite ones because it does line up really well with biblical truth and biblical values and biblical principle that most people don’t understand or operate.

That is making a decision and then making a declaration. An example, again Napoleon Hill is a scientist, he discovered laws and principles that 500 of the most successful people in his age implemented for their success.

Napoleon Hill was like a scientist, like a scientist might discover gravity or whatever, so he discovered these laws through massive research.

Unfortunately Napoleon Hill didn’t give the creator of the law credit. That’s where Think Again and Grow Richer comes in. What he did discover is that very successful people operate in the law of this success principle..they just made a decision, a very firm dedicated decision in their heart.

For instance in his book Think and Grow Rich he talks about the United States of America basically issued a declaration of independence and then there were a lot of battles to fight. It was first a decision, then a declaration and then it’s a working out of that declaration. This same principle and law is very much in effect with the bible also. God created this law.
I Like the story of David & Goliath which I refer to in this series and many of the sermons that I preach. When David cut off Goliath’s head, it’s a famous iconic story throughout cultures and history,

He declared what he was going to do and pictured it in his mind before it happened. He pictured in his mind the battle then he declared and said to his own brothers and to the face of his enemy “I’m going to kill you and cut off your head”. Very bold and audacious if you will, and yet that’s what he did.

He made the confession and declared it into being. In scripture it says “call those things that are not as though they are”. Now it has to be backed up in reality, the firm decision in your heart and not some magical potion, but there are many people that don’t accomplish anything and instead of in the power of the tongue there is life and death. Many people make negative and death creating statements rather than positive life creating statements and Napoleon Hill discovered God’s design for things.

In your business how does this relate to me? In your aspirations to create a better future for you and your family it’s important that you make a decision first of all in your mind and your heart and say okay this is what I need to do and this is what it’s going to take for me to accomplish what I want to accomplish and then I will proceed. Making a decision and then declaring that decision and often times it grows as you repeat it and have the opportunity to express it to others.

Napoleon Hill was also wise in just don’t go blabbing it to anybody and everybody. Make those statements with those and too those that have some understand and/or will be supportive in your endeavors as you move forward. This is one of the shorter lessons. It’s really simple so I’ll give you a homework assignment..what is it that you can determine and make that decision in your mind and in your heart what you’re going to accomplish?

We’re coming quickly to the end of the year 2012, so look at it as what do you want to accomplish in 2013? So figure that out. Draw it out on paper. Not based on some pie in the sky fantasy..but what tools do you have to determine what skills and resources you have to cultivate or develop or posses to be able to implement that. But then where the rubber meets the road is is faith and then it’s declaring it.

What is it I’m going to do in this next year? As a Christian I always add to that by God’s grace. There’s a lot of other principles we can add into that as we move forward.

This success principle of making a declarative statement of your goals,vision, and future is very powerful and very much reality. David’s reality propelled him into fame and fortune, which by the way was part of his motive. All Christians hate when I tell them that, but you read David and Goliath and fame, fortune, and marriage to a beautiful woman was part of his motivation.

So as you make those declarative statements and move towards your future it’s an important principle. You can’t just keep quiet and have all sorts of doubts and unbelief. A double minded man..what does it say? It’s important that you believe it, declare it, and that will start to create the movement forward for you in your life and dreams including when you’re trying create something in your business.

Napoleon Hill

This is success principle # 7 on the 27th of November. I will be finishing these up so you have a complete series here. If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich it’s available as a download here or my editorial Ebook Think and Grow Richer.

Thanks for your attendance and have a fantastic day everybody.

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