Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #6

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

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Napoleon Hill

Welcome back to another addition of success laws this is Coach Curt with my commentary on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and the success laws and principles he outlines in his book.

This video series is based off of my editorial Ebook on that ,Think Again and Grow Richer. We’re taking these 13 success principles one at a time and reflecting them against the truths that are chimed and true and tested through biblical world view and biblical world thought. You can go through these series I won’t go over them again.

Success Principle # 1 I talked about desire. Napoleon Hill talks about the burning desire. What we did with each of these success principles, if you happened to land in the middle of this series, is just compare them to biblical thought.

Success Principle # 2 What measures up and what doesn’t measure up. Where the riches and the wisdom that Napoleon discovered like a scientist or unfortunately where the dangerous lie that go against what is taught in scripture.

Success principle # 3 is auto-suggestion.

Success principle # 4 is specialized knowledge.

Principle # 5 is imagination. We talked about how God created your imagination. So many Christians get a little wigged out when they think about God using your imagination but he really does. it’s just like money or any other can use it for good or bad.

Today we are talking about success principle # 6 in organized planning.

One of the more pragmatic, down to earth principles that Napoleon Hill talks about and I’m really glad that he does because in so many self help and personal growth industries this is often neglected. Too much emphasis is put on the whole dynamic of you just believe you can do it, just say the right things and do the right mantras and all that kind of stuff.

That in it of itself, the power of positive thinking is wonderful but..unless it’s coupled with, as Napoleon Hills says organized planning, it doesn’t do any good. You can confess and actually believe that you can fly but unless you can organize how to build an airplane it’s not going to happen!

In other words, what is your plan of action to implement what it is you are wanting to create. The destiny you are wanting to fulfill.

I think the personal growth industry is an over reaction to the most of society and most people that say oh whatever happens happens or it was meant for a purpose. I think it’s a lazy man’s thinking way, a lazy man’s activity way. What happens happens and we don’t have much say or control in it.

That’s not true.

I think though that the positive thinking, the whole confession use of imagination, the whole use of laws of success and creation, some of it is an overreaction because there’s still the real world of systematic, organized planning.

You have to have a plan, a blue print, some things don’t just come poof out of thin air. If you study those like Napoleon Hill or others that did create success it certainly was a plan and organization and implementation that went along with all the belief systems, the use of the imagination, confessions and all that kind of stuff.

I’m really grateful too, if you’re in the network marketing industry like me, I’m really grateful to our industry that it’s lifted people’s level of awareness so that they are able to create better things for themselves and their families and their futures rather than just going with the masses and the tide.

If you don’t have any other illustration of the masses and the tide and going along with masses is a horrible thing to do then just study history, even as recently as the economic collapse that’s going on around us or go back farther to the days of Nazi Germany. Going along with the masses is not a good game plan at all. Whatever happens happens..well maybe, maybe not. Maybe you were suppose to engage in success laws, make those confessions, believe something bigger and better about yourself and take systemized action. That’s where responsibility comes in.

Will you assume the responsibility for your future? People are just going to magically come in and join your business and show up at your door. Now, you do need to do all the positive thinking and confessions and imagination and belief systems and right ways to think..but then you need to put action to it!

Everybody’s business is entirely different. I am a firm believer in multiple streams of residual income and that’s what I’m working on. You can get a hold of me if you what to work with me on that. Regardless of what it is there has to be a plan of action, implementation, and then work that brings it forth into being.

In this case the success law that Napoleon Hill talks about in organized planning lines up with scripture and biblical thought. We know that Napoleon Hill was a humanist in a broad stroke, he didn’t believe in God and thought man was his own God and unfortunately that led him to some tragedy’s in his own life, but the success principle that God did design, proverbs in the multitude of counselors there’s victory.

In many things there’s extent to which God has his organized of the universe and the human body and on and on is absolutely astounding and amazing. Those that believe we just came out of it billions of years is wishful thinking and just not true. Even new thought on campuses recognized the fact there had to be some intelligent design. That intelligent designer wrote the word of God and believe in organized for us and for our businesses as we move forward to.

SO, that’s lesson success principle # 6. Organized planning is one of the things that needs to be implemented to go forward and change your life and your family’s life and it certainly lines up to what is taught in the word of God.

This is Coach Curt signing off and will see you in the next lesson, success principle # 7 in the Success laws of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, this is my editorial that goes along with the Ebook I wrote of Think Again and Grow Richer.

Have a blessed day!

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