Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #5

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Be sure to view the introduction video to this video series on Napoleon Hill’s work before watching this video on “Imagination”

Napoleon Hill

If you prefer to read than listen to the above video on Napoleon Hill, here is the trascript:

Hey good afternoon or good evening, good morning depending on where you are in the world. This is Coach Curt on outside of Rockford, Illinois in USA on this 13th of November 2012. First time a little snow on the ground tonight.

Pacific Rim friends, I miss the tropics. But let’s go and dive in this series that we’re talking about Success Laws based off of Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. And as you know I wrote an editorial to that called Think Again and Grow Richer where I give kind of a review of his 13 Success Principles that he talks about in Think and Grow Rich.

We’ve covered desire, faith, auto-suggestion, specialized knowledge in previous 10-minute, roughly give or take, videos like this. Now we’re going to talk about imagination today.

In Success Principle number 1 of desire, Napoleon Hill talks about a burning desire which I do concur with and it’s absolutely essential for any kind of success in life. That is a biblical principle that could be framed with Judeo-Christian values. And not all the principles, at least the take that Napoleon Hill has on these principles, can be palatable to a sincere Christian. And so that’s what this series is all about based off of my e-book Think Again and Grow Richer.

Success principle number 2 is one of faith and how important that is. Again regardless of whether you believe in the Judeo-Christian god that I do or that millions do, it’s more a matter of do you really believe that where you want to go can happen. And this is a picture of David and Goliath. Love that story. That story is saturated with success principles. It wasn’t a lucky shot or even just pure coincidental divine intervention. David practiced success principles in his life.

Then we talked about auto-suggestion. By the way if you didn’t see that session, this is an actual, real picture of a coaching client of mine in Canada. Cameron took this picture. I think that’s a pretty cool angel there.

Anyway, and then Success Principle number 4 we talked about last week is that is specialized knowledge. Kind of a dissertation there on ignorance is not good no matter what. No matter how strong your desire is if you’re just ignorant, you eventually won’t make it.

The theory is you learn what you need to learn but unfortunately, in the industry of network marketing, uplines and companies take advantage of people’s desire and ignorance and have them go do a lot of work that is highly unfruitful for them but can continue to benefit the upline or the company.

That’s just not right.

It’s not ethical.

It’s not moral.

Again you need to be very careful how you apply these or how you see these success principles apply in your particular situation.

That was a picture of Henry Ford which now brings us to Success Principle number 5, the imagination.

God created your imagination.

I talk to a lot of Christians, read a lot of editorials by sincere Christians that are scared to death of the imagination. To such extent, they wipe the whole thing off as if your imagination is evil. Or picturing things in your mind is evil. How do they get to that unscriptural conclusion? See, God created your imagination. He wants you to use it. But the safest thing I suppose maybe from their perspective is, “We’ll just shut it off. If it’s shut off, it will never be used for evil.”
That’s nonsensical and unscriptural.

It’d be like money can be used for evil so I’m never going to touch money. It’s like, sex can be used for evil. I’m never going to have sex, and you’re married. It’s a totally illogical, unscriptural application to be so afraid of the imagination that God gave you to use on that you just say, “You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to use the mind. You don’t want to paint pictures in your mind because I’ve seen how the enemy, Satan or dark forces use that in people.” But again, it’s benign. It’s how you use it.

Jesus was a great – think about this, if you’re one of those then maybe I’ve not convinced you yet. If you’re one of those Christians that think that way, Jesus painted mind pictures in people’s minds because His main methodology of getting His kingdom principles to the masses was through parables.

What are parables? Story Telling.

He wanted those that followed Him, to learn from Him, He wanted them to imagine the picture, the story of the girl looking for the lost coin in her home. He painted pictures in their minds. So God created your imagination.

What Napoleon Hill, as a scientist, discovered is when you use that God-given resource – I call it God-given, not necessarily those – then you will find more enjoyment and success in every arena of your life. Just like any tool, gift, principle, asset that God brings into your life, the more you understand it and cooperate with it, the more successful you can become.

And another reason that oftentimes the imagination in some Christian circles, in fact most unfortunately, is there seems to be like, when you can’t control your imagination – I’m not here to tell you you can’t.

You can control what happens between your ears including your imagination. What does the Bible say? Take every thought captive. Now what’s a thought? A thought is a picture in your mind. So you control your imagination and you have the opportunity and choice to run the movies in your mind that you want to run.

What Napoleon Hill discovered when he entered the 500 most successful people in the Earth, in that day and time, or at least in Western cultures in that day and time, is that successful people painted the pictures in their mind of what they wanted to accomplish and move forward with.

In other words, they have the blueprint in their mind. They pictured what it was going to be like to move forward, to have success, to create, to have wealth. They made the movie in their mind projecting it forward.

Instead of what most unsuccessful people do or just say victim mentality where they don’t think they have control. And they allow just whatever emotions, feelings, suggestions to paint those pictures in their mind. They don’t take control of them. And unfortunately, we can be negative as human beings. And so we paint with – because it doesn’t take as much effort –these negative scenarios out in our mind, not thinking that they have any effect but they do.

What you portray, what you picture, what you think, what you project in creating your imagination will be scenarios into the future has a huge impact and informs on what you ultimately create for your life. You’re ultimately where you want to be right now because that is the future that you created for yourself.

You control your imagination thus, you create you future. What rambles around in your brain up here, is ultimately has a huge impact on what will manifest in your life. If you create the ways, the vessels, the desires again, I’ve covered this in another lesson I won’t go into it deep now, but if you create the scenario, cooperating like King David did what God designed him for, how He wired you for the destiny that he’s called you into. This is one of the components that will be required. See?

Well if you say, “Well God created me to be a millionaire and invent a new kind of car,” well you have to put mental energy towards controlling and creating your imagination picturing that out step by step for the future. If you’re just sitting in front of the TV and just say, “God called me there so it’s His problem.” No you’re not cooperating with God. That’s a presumptuous and it’s not faith and it’s not engaging.

Your imagination. Understand God gave it to you. Don’t reject it like way too many persons do. Then cooperate with that. Paint the pictures that you want and this is a huge significant step then in creating your future. I’ve already given in another lesson, the guy in POW camp that played 72 holes of golf in his mind every day. Out of POW camp a week or two and bam! He’s playing par golf.

The imagination.


Use it.

Understand it.

Cooperate with it.

And then move your life forward.

This is Coach Curt on this 13th of November with today’s Success Law. Understand, cooperate with your imagination. And project your future. It’s very scriptural. It’s how God made you and the more you understand all that, the more you’ll fulfill your destiny whatever your desires are. Mine is to continue to build the Kingdom of God, do business and create wealth in my life and all. So have a blessed day. Thanks for listening. Join the next lesson.

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