Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #4

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Be sure to view the introduction video to this video series on Napoleon Hill’s work before watching this video on “Specialized Knoweldge”

Napoleon Hill

Hey! Good morning, afternoon, or evening. This is Coach Curt outside of Chicago, Illinois in Rockford, 6th of November 2012. Big Election Day here in the United States of America. That does have international ramifications. But you know what? Neither Romney nor Obama are going to pay my bills. So when I look at it that way, I like to understand Success Laws on my own personal life.

And so regardless of your political persuasion, it’s coming upon you to be able to move forward in your life in business. And one guy that did that, his name is Napoleon Hill, wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich. Now if you followed this series at all, I encourage you to do that. It’s not all great stuff if you adhere to a Judeo-Christian biblical world-view like I do. There are definitely some things in there. Napoleon Hill was a scientist that made some great discoveries. But he was also a humanist and so many of what’s in there are twisted, tainted and can even be dangerous.

In Think and Grow Rich, he talks about 13 Success Principles. He talks about 16 or 17 in other writings. But anyway, I wrote this editorial Think Again and Grow Richer which you’re able to get right off of this website. It’s free and I really do encourage you to get that ebook and read it. We’re talking verbally through these videos a little bit on each of the Success Principles.

What’s good about the discovery is that Napoleon Hill was able to find out about and then write in palatable form for the average guy. And Success Principle number 1 is just a burning desire. And I guess all I’d say is amen to that. Passion and having a vision and a purpose and all that are very solidly biblical principle. Now that burning desire is different for every single one of us but feel that.

The thing as I was thinking about this this morning that I don’t like and it has to do with the Success Principle that we’ll get to here today and that is knowledge. The bottom line is desire has to be coupled with these other Success Principles in order to arrive at success.

Unfortunately the network marketing industry has been infamous for the saying “Ignorance on fire” and they get people all excited about making money or a particular company or product and say ignorance is on fire. You just go out and talk to everybody with no skills, with no specialized knowledge, with no game plan, with no marketing plan on and on. That’s just plain what I consider to be downline – abusing your downline. That should not be.

To have a desire with an attitude to learn skills and increase effectiveness is great. That you should absolutely do. But desire alone, ignorance on fire, strike that out of your modus operandi. Strike that out of the way you are going to do business in training your organizations because it does take other things.

Success Principle number 2 we talked about is faith. You’ve got to be able to have a heart of positive confidence and moving forward in your life. Won’t cover that material again. We talked about auto-suggestion. And Napoleon Hill, again, like the scientist discovered what God made and that is our imagination, our creativity, the way the mind works.

Several examples in Success Principle number 3 how true that really is and how many Christians fear the imagination because it’s used so often for evil or immoral purposes. But it’s like money or anything else. It’s amoral, your imagination, what you use it for, you’ve been wired to have an imagination. Why not use it to build the kingdom of God and for God, glory in building your business and everything else. So again we talked about that last time. I encourage you to review that.

Here we are for the Success Principle for today. Number 4 is specialized knowledge. This is Henry Ford. Napoleon Hill talks about having a specialized knowledge and I just love the examples of Henry Ford in that. Henry Ford is as history record wasn’t the most brilliant man in the world and wasn’t ashamed of it.

What he did have was a specialized knowledge particularly. We’ll get to this later in the series of Mastermind Groups. But he would gather those with specialized knowledge around him and he even had legal battles over how he was running his business and all that kind of stuff. But he gathered those around him that had specialized knowledge. He said, “I might not have all the answers but in a matter of day, I could find answers to just about anything.” If we’re going to be successful and so where I’m segueing from that idiotic, “Ignorance on fire’s a great thing.” It’s not.

Ignorance is never a great thing, on fire or not.

Ignorance is not a good thing. Ignora – that whole thing I believe it’s either Latin or Greek, I don’t know. But knowledge and ignorance have the same root word there. It’s important that we have understanding of what we’re doing and that to be successful it’s imperative that we become skilled at what we’re doing. When you enter into the whole business of network marketing world, it’s incumbent upon you to learn some specialized knowledge. Like Henry Ford though, you don’t need to know everything but to pick a specialty, to pick one or two or 3 things that you’re extra good at and gain knowledge, wisdom, accuracy, creativity in that arena. That’s what will fuel your success.

Napoleon Hill was an effective writer. That’s how he started his whole career as being a writer. He became a very effective writer and that’s how he had success. He had specialized knowledge, specialized talent in writing. You need specialized knowledge in something and just being billboard or just being a representative of your company or companies isn’t enough. You need to add to the mix through things that you do well.

My specialty happens to be coaching. I’m really able to help people frame their business and overcome the obstacles through that coaching and that involved encouragement, understanding, creativity. I have good people skills in that arena to help people. I don’t even consider myself an expert in internet marketing. That’s not my specialized knowledge. My specialized knowledge is helping people build their lives and their businesses on the strengths that God has given them.

It’s absolutely imperative that you become good at something beyond just getting the company line, if you will, whatever company you’re representing or companies you’re representing.

Now you say, “Curt, what if I don’t have any specialized knowledge?”

Two things to remember. Number 1 is that when you begin to study something, already, you’re way ahead of the masses because the masses are generally can be lazy. They want to believe that you can get rich quick. They want to believe that they can be ignorant on fire and blab to everybody and they’ll eventually have success.

It’s simply not true.

And so there might be one exception out of a million, kind of like a lottery ticket winner. I don’t believe in doing business that way and I don’t believe in playing the lottery. Those are my values. Unfortunately companies take that person with no skills. It happens to be at one out of a million lucky and play them across stages and say, “See, anybody can do this.”

No let’s just get rid of that mindset and say, “You know what, I need to follow Success Laws and Principles. I’m not going to count on a lottery ticket. And I’m going to become skilled in something.” If you don’t have specialized knowledge you say, “Curt, I really don’t feel skilled in internet marketing or coaching or team building or creating websites or PowerPoint.” Just something that you can bring to the table to advance the cause of your team and your organization, some skill. If you don’t have that, work on that while, the second point is, you can borrow credibility.” The whole thing about specialized knowledge is you have credibility. And if you don’t have your own credibility yet, a. work on that but b. borrow credibility.

This is a picture of Ann Sieg. I’m training with her in Las Vegas at a convention and this was a breakout group when we were training some marketers. And even though I’ve had my own successes in network marketing, built teams into the thousands and trained people like Ann Sieg. I now work for Ann Sieg and absolutely love working for the Daily Marketing Coach. Nonetheless, I still use borrowed credibility because there’s always someone above you that you can use, that you can leverage that has more fame or more success or more credibility than you. You develop a relationship with them.

Napoleon Hill talks about that in his book about wanting that relationship with Thomas Edison. He uses that storyline and so on and so forth. Think of it, if you don’t have your own credibility, who in your realm or sphere of influence can you leverage, can you build a relationship with in a good way, a win-win way, where you say, “You know what, when you join our team, we” – use we a lot– “we do this, we provide extra training. We provide extra training material. We host conference calls. We do webinars. We have marketing material that you can access.” Whatever that added value that you and your team are bringing, use the we as you’re developing the I. Hope that makes sense.

The bottom line is in this Think and Grow Rich, the concept, a specialized knowledge that Napoleon Hill talks about is a biblical concept. It is a valid concept. Proverbs talks about it. You become really skilled. You’re going to appear before kings. So it’s one of the things that is absolutely necessary on your journey for success that you gain a specialized knowledge in your affiliate or network marketing career so that you look at it as business.

I’m old-fashioned. Biblical values. If you’re going to have an executive salary, level salary, you’re going to have to have some skills of an executive. If you’re going to have a professional, high 6-figure income, you’re going to have to have the skills that will maintain that and that’s the quest that you need to be on. Find an arena that you could become skilled at. It might even just be hosting conference calls. Whatever it is, find an arena that you can become skilled and work on your skills, number 1. And number 2, lean into and link up with those that you can use a borrowed credibility.

That’s what my team does and if you’re open to multiple streams of income, my door’s wide open. You can use me. I work with this guy called Coach Curt. You type in MLM coach on the internet, he’s number 1 most of the time. Just really lean into those that have done what you want to do and leverage in that way.

That’s another Success Law that Napoleon Hill talks about in my editorial comments on it on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Hope you’re enjoying this series and they’ll keep coming. If you got to this one first somehow, look back, watch the introduction. They’re all up with 10 minutes apiece and hope you enjoyed this biblical world-view editorial commentary by Coach Curt on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Have a great rest of the day.

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