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Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill

If there was any doubt that Napoleon Hill’s basis of faith was not scriptural, the dissertation on this last principle should convince even the most casual observer that Napoleon Hill operates from a worldview of humanistic pantheism. This is a religion with many forms and shapes in cultures all over the world. It is important for the Christian to understand this religion is anti-Christ in origin and intent.
As stated before, motives are more important than the vehicle or laws that the vehicle will operate in and under. As much as Napoleon Hill discovered many of the ways and paradigms of how success principles work, he never addresses motives. Many of the men Napoleon Hill researched had good motives. Some did not. They were all successful. Some created a better world. Some did not. Just like driving a car or flying an airplane – if you discover and cooperate with the governing laws or principles, you will find that they work – but to what end? Where are you going – and WHY? The terrorist pilots of 911 cooperated very effectively with many great laws (aerodynamics and success) in their burning desire for a very evil end
– with the most despicable of motives.

When the motive is the exaltation of man or mankind as the ultimate authority (god,) regardless of how noble or righteous the goal may appear, we as students of the scriptures must recognize the danger.

This part of Think and Grow Rich also includes Napoleon Hill description of his “virtual” Master Mind group. We already looked at the success principle of the Master Mind as a key ingredient to success. His implementation of his type of guided imagery is real – but should be off limits – and is dangerous. I’m not denying there is a force here that Napoleon tapped into, anymore than I am denying that a blazing fire is real and hot – BUT for Christians this type of activity is liken to the fire jumping out the fire place and setting the whole house on fire. It may be exciting for a while, but the end is destruction and chaos.

Even if you could compile all the human wisdom of the top 9 (or 50) successful people of all time, it would not even be a drop of water compared to the Lord Jesus who created it all. It is He with whom I will fellowship and master mind with – and those of kindred spirit!

Napoleon Hill’s take The Sixth Sense from a Biblical perspective?


Napoleon Hill takes his reader on a wild ride in Think and Grow Rich. As a research scientist I respect his sincere and concerted effort to accomplish this work. Like an aeronautical scientist and engineer Napoleon Hill uncovers some of the ways the God of the Bible designed His universe, and how He wants His creation to enjoy and cooperate with the governing principles of success laws.

Napoleon Hill was a pioneer in the field of success laws, and we can all benefit from his work. But just as I wouldn’t want a surgeon with the education and tools of the 1930’s operating on me in the year 2009, we cannot and should not implement his research and work without a thorough sorting and sifting of the valuable vs. the outdated or erroneous. This is what I have attempted to do in Think Again and Grow Richer from a Biblical perspective.

Napoleon Hill’s greatest contribution to us who are wanting to find success for the Kingdom of God’s purposes, was to increase our awareness of the laws that govern life around us. Particularly his research about the laws of . . .
Specialized Knowledge
Organized Planning
Master Mind
. . . are worth diving into scriptural understanding and cooperation with.

My desire in this work was to expand on a third group of Holy Spirit led and inspired wealth creators in the last days for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and warn or appeal to two other groups:

Group One: Those who don’t really adhere to a scriptural guided life take the enormous risk of being deceived (as Napoleon Hill was) in the true realities of the spirit world. Jesus’ main exhortation in these last days was warning against deception. (Matthew Chapter 24) My prayer is if you are in this group, that you will become more aware of the laws that govern wealth creation, and be more cautious of the dangers. Many Christians read Napoleon Hill and extol the good without either seeing the evil, and/or warning others of its pitfalls.

Group Two: Those who claim to love the Word of God, but reject its teachings on the “spirit” realm of the life of Christian, will find that the just adherence to the principles and tenants of the Christian faith aren’t enough to fulfill their destinies. We follow a very much alive and powerful master, Jesus Christ, that wants us to engage in the spirit realm -NOT just “believe” at a cognitive level.

Group Three: There is a growing group all over the Earth that are understanding and cooperating with the success laws that the Lord, author of the Bible, has given. Just as any endeavor is made more effective by study, so too is the area of wealth creation. Poverty or lack is not something designed for Christians. Blessings and abundance is our destiny as Holy Spirit led believers in these hours.

While in Hong Kong last month I met with a very rich and successful doctor and businessman – that is also a Christian. He is using his freedom to build the Kingdom of God. He can jump on a plane at any moment and go anywhere in the world the Lord may send him. He is a great example that it isn’t riches that are bad, in his case they are very good.

Napoleon HillMy last exhortation or conclusion regarding Napoleon Hill’s work in Think and Grow Rich is to all three groups – Christians everywhere. As we rub shoulders with those in the market place and associates in our businesses, let us be careful. Let us become students of the Word of God. In this book, The Bible, runs all the wisdom we need. It must be our primary source of knowledge.

Also, when discussing ideas, books, philosophies, let us be bold in our opinions. There is a battle for the minds of men. The enemy wants to use and control, we know that the Lord of our Bible only wants blessings and freedom for His creation.

We can respect Napoleon Hill as a research scientist, acknowledge the discoveries he made, but still reject this book as an instruction manual for Christians.

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