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Napoleon Hill

This is Coach Curt Johnson welcome back to another addition of success laws by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This is my editorial, commentary on his book Think and Grow Rich, I wrote an Ebook that is called Think Again and Grow Richer.

This is Coach Curt back with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, the book Napoleon Hill wrote regarding success laws. This is an editorial video series based off of my ebook Think Again and Grow Richer.
For those that take their Biblical and Christian views seriously in the light and the realm of wealth, creation and success laws. We’ve covered eleven of the success laws now and we’re on to number twelve called The Brain.

This is research done by Napoleon Hill, obviously a very long time ago and the whole realm of scientific knowledge has incredibly exploded compared to what Napoleon Hill did back then. Nonethless there’s some really good things and wisdom to understand and learn from his research.

This is a quote “Despite all of the scientific research and studies, there is no compelling evidence to substantiate what Napoleon believed, or was hopeful would be discovered-that the functions of the brain would hold the keys to the “supernatural.”

Just like the theory of Evolution, there has been no scientific evidence to support the theory.” Take it or leave it, but those are the facts. Napoleon, as he began to realize how powerful the brain was, he thought again from his humanistic theology and not honoring or acknowledging a creator God in the way that we do as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He assumed that man was God and that all the powers would continue to be discovered simply through the power of the human being or the human brain or the human essence. Of course he was tragically wrong. The suffering and failures in his life probably indicated that.

Napoleon Hill did realize though that the brain is a very powerful mechanism. I’m not in favor of dumb Christianity. What I mean by that is well the Bible says you have to believe it which is true in one angle and one realm but on the other hand we should be more like Napoleon Hill in seeking out and searching out why things operate the way they do and how we can cooperate more fully with God.

We tend to see things in black and white and not realize there are many, many powerful truths hidden and treasures within the written word of God. We can understand more with how to cooperate with the way God designed the brain, the psychology and all of that.

Napoleon HillAgain, Napoleon Hill was tragically wrong in terms of where he was headed, but one characteristic of his desires is”… it’s the glory of kings to search out a matter….” Let’s do that, let’s be that especially with things we might not be comfortable with. We should not be afraid of them.

We should seek out how powerfully God created us as human beings. We are human beings, we need to bow our knees to the Lordship of Jesus Christ our creator, but having said that I believe the Lord loves the inquisitive mind and to discover more and more of the laws that make life better for all of his creation.

So, that’s a success law. Do understand how your brain works. Feed it, cooperate with it, the subconscious, the conscious, how it interacts with you and every other way. The whole realm of brain science is fascinating and we don’t have to be afraid of it. The more we understand it and cooperate with it the more successful we will be as believers and the more we’ll be able to cooperate with success laws to achieve our destiny to impact the world that desperately needs its creator.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This is Coach Curt Johnson with another addition of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich editorial series of Think Again and Grow Richer.

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