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Napoleon Hill

This is Coach Curt Johnson welcome back to another addition of success laws by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This is my editorial, commentary on his book Think and Grow Rich, I wrote an Ebook that is called Think Again and Grow Richer.

Hello this is Coach Curt with session # 11 of Success Laws with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This is an editorial based off of my ebook Think Again and Grow Richer.
You can download either one free at my website We’ve been covering each of these thirteen success principles as Napoleon Hill talks about it in his ground breaking work.

Many people refer to him in his work in terms of self development, success, and all of that. There are some really great keys in the book, but there are also some really real dangers, humanistic, anti-Christ, anti-Christian and anti-Biblical thought also that needs to be pointed out and aware of if you hold those values important to your life.

Let’s dive into success principle #11 which is the Sub-conscious Mind. What Napoleon Hill’s premise here again accurately as a scientist does discover that what lies underneath the sub-conscious mind, which you’re aware of what you’re thinking and that tapes that play in the back of your mind do have a profound impact on what you do and what you say.

The Bible says that out of the heart is what the mouth speaks. There is powerful implications upon the productivity, the direction and the decisions that we make in our life.

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill points out seven major positive emotions :
Napoleon Hill then goes to point out seven major negative emotions:
One of them the he highlights and maybe even extenuates the most is that of fear.

Napoleon Hill is right on.

We as human beings often are very much afraid. When we come into relationships with our creator though that fear can and does begin to dissipate and the more we cooperate with our Creator we discover he hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and soundness of mind.
We can not only control our conscious thoughts, but God designed us for us to be in control of our thought life and our conscious thought life will indeed affect our unconscious thought life…
. . . the tapes that play behind the conscious mind over and over again.

If you’re playing one of possibilities, hope, joy, strength and all those things in which the Lord designed us to do then we will find that we are more productive and successful in life. This is what Napoleon Hill discovered.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill discovered how we were wired in those kind of ways. Having said that he does not give the creator credit due him for all that we were wired and all that we are.
I see the whole self-development, self-mastery industry unfortunately often get off into Eastern meditation.
I believe strongly in the subconscious mind and the power in it – but also that you have control over it. Biblical meditation is where you concentrate on a focused and hopefully peaceful but passionate on scripture, on the Lord, on creation, on meditation.

Eastern thought and meditation that comes with other world religions, Buddhism or whatever..they stress on an “emptying” of the mind. That is not a safe practice for anybody, let alone Christians.

God did not intend us to be an empty mind or whatever happens, happens. That is not how peace is achieved. Peace is achieved in concentrating on our creator, how He made us and what He wants for us.

The subconscious mind Napoleon Hill discovered is very powerful. What we do with it and how we cooperate with it is, just like when we introduced this series there’s fire and nuclear power there but what you do with it is so important.
Napoleon Hill interviewed the 500 most successful people in the world at that point of time and discovered you know what these people have deep waters if you will within them that they’re able to regulate some of these emotions and what goes on deep inside of them and I say amen to that.

There’s great, great wisdom filled in scriptures that will release all that God created and desired and destined for you to be.
So again, this is success principle #11 based off of Napoleon Hill’s work Think and Grow Rich and my editorial, commentary book Think Again and Grow Richer.
Have a blessed day and see you on the next one!

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