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Napoleon Hill

This is Coach Curt Johnson welcome back to another addition of success laws by Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. This is my editorial, commentary on his book Think and Grow Rich, I wrote an Ebook that is called Think Again and Grow Richer.

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We’ve been covering the 13 success principles that Napoleon Hill delineates in his book and today, rather than do a review we’re going to talk about Sex Transmutation. Now please know that this was long before the sophisticated study of hormonal balances, DNA research and all of that. Napoleon Hill was setting himself apart that much more so as a pioneer in research.
Napoleon Hill discovered that the very successful people, as you read his work, life and studies, that those who were highly successful had what I would call rather than just a sexual power, they did it out of a deep love for someone that they wanted to win.
Now back in that day in age it was very much obviously leaned gender specific towards a man’s love, infatuation, if you even want to call it lust for a woman that that was part of what fueled his success.
Napoleon Hill‘s hypothesis and my summary is that he was able to harness that and take that fuel and motivation and energy into the work realm, creative realm, developing realm. That was one of the principles and laws that he discovered in moving forward.
I’m going to quote something that is right out of my book here Think Again and Grow Richer

“Frankly, I think Napoleon Hill was courageous and insightful to disclose this as part of his research. It is not something we should shrink back from as Christians. Our God created sex and riches and wants us to have plenty of both and to enjoy them thoroughly within the parameters he created them to be implemented.”
All forces or urges in our lives need to be “Transmuted” into productive and Kingdom building activity, including Sex Transmutation.
And so that is what I said in my book and I’m sticking to that. The discoveries and development was really the stone age in this arena but when you have that deep desire of love and passion for someone it will drive and fuel your success.
Unfortunately Napoleon Hill himself, because he was more humanistic and outside of the guidelines of God’s laws and just discovering some of the principles that God created, experienced failure and tragedy in his life in this area also. His third marriage ended up seemingly happy but again, he had a rough love life if you will.
It doesn’t mean just because he experienced failure and that he didn’t acknowledge the God that created sexual prowess, the God that created the sex drive if you will, doesn’t mean that he didn’t discover the fact that our motivations of love for someone can’t be one of the things that is an important ingredient to move us forward.
I look at anything that is totally selfish and that is the only motivation to make me happy, I have never studied anybody who has been successful for any length of time or enjoyment at all that that’s been the case. It’s always been for a passion for something that’s beyond them.
As a Christian, yes there’s definitely the aspect that we were wired in a passion love and sexual way and when we come under the Lordship of our creator and cooperate with that it will continue to be one of the things that will help us be successful.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill
Again, I feel bad Napoleon Hill experienced such heartache, pain, and loss in his life in this arena and part of the reason I did this series on him is so many Christians or even people that aren’t humanistic that they really truly see just how valuable some of his research can be for us.
So, Napoleon Hill my hats off to you and dear believer don’t shy away from this kind of discussion with other people in the whole success law principles. It’s not something to shy away from.
Often times the whole sexual arena in life in Christendom and different umbrellas of Christendom is deemed all dirty.
It’s not.
God created us this way, He wired us this way, and when we learn to cooperate and flow with how God wired us we experience great enjoyment of sex within the confines of marriage which God designed it.
We will also be able to please those we love so that we are able to accomplish really great things for our businesses and ultimately and hopefully your motivation is for the Kingdom of God.
This is Coach Curt signing off with another success Laws editorial of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and we’ll see you on the next principle.

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