Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Coach Curt Comments – Success Law #3

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Be sure to view the introduction video to this video series on Napoleon Hill’s work before watching this video on “Auto Suggestion”

Coach Curt has written an editorial ebook that reflects on Napoleon Hill and his classic book: Think and Grow Rich.

For those of you who prefer to read rather than watch and listen to the above video – here is the transcription:

Napoleon Hill

“Hey! Good morning or good evening or good afternoon. This is Coach Curt Johnson talking about Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Success Laws. Napoleon Hill wrote this book and many years, about a hundred years or less than a hundred years ago, I guess, and many, many people are referred to it particularly in the personal growth network marketing industries and it’s a great book. I got a lot out of it but there’s also a take on it that you need to be careful I guess is what I’d say.

It’s like gravity.

Gravity is wonderful. Just think, it’d be awful not to have gravity. To cooperate with gravity is a wonderful thing. But to violate gravity or not understand gravity like jumping off the building and dying, that’s not good.

And so when I see people that love the spiritual laws or success laws but don’t understand the dangers or the respect that is due them particularly from a Judea-Christian point of view. So I was compelled to write the editorial on Napoleon Hill’s Success Laws. That’s what this series has been about. He writes in his book the 13 Success Principles of different people bringing that differently. Some people saying there’s 7 or whatever. That really doesn’t matter. It’s just the whole thought process that there are principles. There are laws that govern those that become successful, those who become rich. I’m not talking about those who inherit wealth. I’m talking about those that create wealth.

And so we’re going over those principles in Napoleon Hill’s book. I wrote my ebook, the editorial on that, Think Again and Grow Richer. What other true riches I guess that’s kind of tongue in cheek there. You can have millions of dollars but not be a rich person in my opinion.

So anyway, success laws. Success principle number 1 that Napoleon Hill talked about. Burning desire. You can train that around. Judea-Christian foundation, biblical world view.

Then we talked about faith again. Napoleon Hill was a humanist, an extreme humanist. He didn’t believe in, in a sense, he didn’t believe there would be any greater authority than yourself. I don’t believe that at all. We were created by someone and He’s the one that not only designed us. He did design all these success laws that as a scientist, Napoleon Hill discovered. But there’s a Creator that we’re accountable to. He didn’t believe that and unfortunately, his personal life was very disastrous. I know people don’t like to hear that but it was. But again, the Wright brothers discovered flight. I have no idea what their personal life is like. It doesn’t mean that research wasn’t good because a lot of it was fantastic research on the laws and principles of success.

So the third thing we talked about or want to talk about today is Success Principle Auto-Suggestion. Some of the semantical base that Napoleon Hill used, obviously turn of the century kind of stuff because that’s when he did his research and wrote his papers and wrote his book and so on and so forth. Auto-suggestion is what it was called in the original work of Napoleon Hill. What is auto-suggestion? Auto-suggestion is really the programming of your mind. Creating thoughts in there. Your mind is kind of benign. It’ll do what you program it to do. It’ll remember what you instruct it to remember. It will think the thoughts that you teach it to think and the more you understand that and do that and by the way that’s a very biblical principle also. Nothing wrong there. Christians really understand. Auto-suggestion can relate to even the sub-conscience and very much we are designed with that sub-conscience. In other words, all the thoughts and intents of our heart are not always in our cognizance. This is a powerful reality of truth that Napoleon Hill delved into. Now his take on that, unfortunately again from a humanistic point of view, the foundation was wrong but the reality of it was right. What we program, how we think, what we say, what we declare—all of those things affect us tremendously in power way on things that affect us and we know they really are affecting us.

We might say, “Curt what’s this picture?” This is one of my coaching clients and this is an actual picture just a couple of weeks ago up in Canada. Took this picture from her car because it was so striking. Yeah I know it’s okay. And so I guess I just like the pictures that would kind of suggest there’s a lot of things affecting, influencing and guiding us that we’re not aware of. But that’s not an excuse. We need to become more aware of those things. And that’s what Napoleon Hill was all about. In that regard, I agree to seek truth and pursue and then cooperate with it is a noble endeavor.

Let me give you a couple of examples of auto-suggestion or how the training of your mind can really be powerful. I went to the United States Air Force Academy. I was there in the late 70s and most of my professors were Vietnam veterans. And this is a true story. One of the guys in the POW camp, most of that was obviously mind games and I was trained in those mind games and mind torture and all that kind of stuff. But anyway, one of the guys played– it says golf there, POW Golf just to remind me of the story. He played 72 holes of golf in his mind everyday as a POW. If you are so young that you don’t remember some of the horrors of the Vietnam POW camp, it’s worth watching a few movies or studying that. But anyway, he would play 72 holes of golf in his mind every day. He got out of Hanoi Hilton and was set free. Came back to America and within days, he played golf, real golf, and played par golf.

Now how do you play par golf when you’ve been locked up in a torturous prison war camp for years? Because you played it up. See your mind doesn’t distinguish greatly between what you say, think and do up here and what’s actually happening in reality. A very powerful tool that we have in our mind. And we are right disagree with Napoleon Hill and that’s kind of like the power [0:06:52.8 inaudible]. I don’t agree with that. We are responsible as believers in the Creator God to train our mind to cooperate with the destiny that He has for us. So the training of your mind is a powerful principle if you’re going to find success in life.

Another example, basketball practice. I don’t remember the coach but it was a college coach and he had his –one of his team did better in free throws and so he had half of his team, at the end of a practice, shoot free throws. He had the other half his team sit on the bench, close their eyes and practice free throws in the imagination. A lot of Christians freak out when you talk about the imagination. Get over it. God gave you an imagination. He created you to have an imagination, and what Napoleon Hill discovered is when we understand and then cooperate with the way we’re wired as a human being, we’ll have more success. Here’s a proof in point. Now I know, you say, “Oh imagination can be awful.” It sure can. So can money, so can power, so can politics. Almost anything can be horrible. It depends on how you use it. Imagination’s a powerful tool, the auto-suggestion, the imagination, cooperating with it. We’ll get more of into that in Success Laws Principle. So the guys on the bench, you probably already follow the story, is where actually, when it was all said and done they improved their free throw percentage when they had the test at the end of this test season. They did better than guys who actually physically practiced. Why? Because in their mind they were able to practice it perfectly. So the neurons and the connection as they were up doing their jump shot were programming properly. Very, very, very powerful tool that we have that’s what’s called the mind.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill lays out a formula. And so I do encourage you to get Napoleon Hill’s book. Read it. Understand it. And then read my editorial if you consider yourself to be a believer and adherent of the Christian faith. And so here’s my alternative to Hill’s formula. First, get a vision from the Lord the exact amount of money you need to fulfill what God has called with you. Specific. The brains like specific things, exacting pictures. Second, help the cause. Which is another thorough and scriptural principle. Third, establish a definite thing you need to possess the money to fulfill your vision. So again, so many Christian’s say that’s greed. No it’s not greed. You need to eat. You need to live. You need to breathe. You need money to accomplish what it is God has asked you to do. Most of the time when I talk to Christians like that, they don’t even know what they’re called to do. So of course they’re going to have excuses not to get it. Don’t be one of them. Number 4, create a definite plan to fulfill your vision and begin at once. One my favorite exhortations I’m using thousands of hours of counseling Christians is God can’t see a parked car. Now if you’re just sitting there, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. You can turn that wheel every which direction. If you’re not moving forward, you’re not going to have the insight and the wisdom to continue to become successful, whatever successful means to you. So number fifth write out all of the above. Number 6, read the definitive declaration out loud at least twice a day: in the morning, in your quiet time devotion before you go to sleep at night, other times during the day prompted by the Lord. Picture yourself fulfilling your goal as David did. I talked about David and Goliath previously. I love that story. That story encapsulates so many of the success laws and principles in this.

Anyway that’s an alternative to what Napoleon Hill talks about in his book, Think and Grow Rich that you can read about more so in my ebook, Think Again and Grow Richer. I encourage you to go get Napoleon Hill’s free ebook. Get my free ebook. And really begin more so in your life is to study, understand and implement success laws in your life because they’re very powerful. They’re very real. They’re very true. When you read Napoleon Hill, spin up the ball. There’s some good stuff in there that he discovered as a scientist that we can cooperate with under the leadership of God and Allah. So that’s it. Thank you for your time today. This is a whole series I hope you’re enjoying it. Be sure to give me some feedback and grab my ebook. Have a blessed day.

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