Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich – Success Law #1

Coach Curt comments on Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

Be sure to view the introduction video to this video series on Napoleon Hill’s work before watching this first video on “Burning Desire:”

Coach Curt has written an editorial ebook that reflects on Napoleon Hill and his classic book: Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill

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Hey, good morning or afternoon or evening, everybody. This is Coach Curt Johnson outside of Chicago, Illinois. The leaves are pretty this fall. But I tell you what. I miss living in tropical climates. Miss it greatly. So any friends from Fiji, New Zealand, or the Philippines that are watching this right now and hearing this recording. Hello. Miss you. My heart’s with you in all of this.

What I want to look at today in this series is on the websites. You can go back and listen to the introduction. We’re going into lesson 1 today. We’re going to be talking about Success Laws in the network marketing industry in the personal development industry which are huge, huge industries on both within the United States and Western cultures.

Napoleon Hill  work or book Think and Grow Rich is considered a classic. And it is. I look at him like a scientist that discovered things about success and success laws and success principles. Albeit though when I read it and then I read it over and over again because so many of my leaders that had created wealth, had made an impact just refer to this book over and over again. The more I read it, the more I realized you know what, there’s some really good stuff in here but there’s some really dangerous stuff in here. And so I was just compelled to write an editorial on Napoleon Hill.

So I’m going to be taking a principle at a time, one week and addressing those. I have also written an ebook about Napoleon Hill. I always wanted to put a quick synopsis here up on the internet. People are looking for it. Particularly from a Judeo-Christian perspective, you can hear my editorial on this whole thing. On Napoleon Hill’s 13 Success Principles that he talks about in Think and Grow Rich, I also addressed in Think Again and Grow Richer. You get a copy of this free on my website. Go to the URL there, with dashes in between.

The first Success Principle that he talks about which I whole-heartedly agree with that I embrace and say yes and reason he has it number 1 it probably is the most important law. So really not just to achieve success, not just to achieve our goal but just really to achieve anything. It’s not going to be easy. One of the scriptures most of you that our Christian Persuasion like me, even God said I’d rather you be hot or cold. Kind of lackadaisical, lukewarmness, carefree whatever kind of attitude doesn’t produce results. Doesn’t achieve anything in your life.

A burning desire, not just “Yeah yeah. That’d be nice common desire. I’m talking about a burning desire as Napoleon Hill called it. That is the number one success principle. What’s tricky about a burning desire are sometimes those emotions can be there temporarily. But it is only through the trials, it is only through the challenges, only through the difficulties that will determine in our life if it truly is a burning desire.

Now, like gasoline, we can put something on that fire or desire and continue to cultivate it, to stoke the ashes if you’re a campfire kind of person. There’s things that you can do. It’s not just like well it’s either there or not. I’m not in control. No you are in control of this burning desire. And it has to be chosen. It has to be cultivated. It has to be amplified and it has to be maintained for it to be a burning desire that is going to produce the desired results that you are looking for and wanting in your life.

So do you have that burning desire?

I hope you do. I know I do to create wealth to help build the kingdom of God in these days that we live. Now that’s been proven over 35 years in my life. Sometimes the vehicles have to change. Sometimes the methodologies have to change. For instance the internet’s changed everything in the last 15 years and how we have to even go about technically and strategically building a business.

Are you willing to learn new things? Are you willing to go through those challenges? In other words, you’re not going to quit easily. Great, great book Think and Grow Rich. I embrace the success principle number 1, burning desire, in my editorial on Napoleon Hill  work Think Again and Grow Richer.

Napoleon Hill

But I thought I’d mention just a few 3 caveats or dynamics to desire if you haven’t achieved the results that you’re looking for in your life, in your business or just life in general there are some elements that I think Napoleon Hill doesn’t go into great detail to. But I thought I’d at least mention so that you could take them into consideration as you’re cultivating your burning desire.

First of all, is it part of your destiny? I could have try to – let’s say I listen to some guy play a saxophone. I don’t know. I just pick. I’m going to pick something really weird. Some guy I hear play, “Oh man I want to play a saxophone.” I want to play the saxophone and I buy a saxophone and I hire a teacher. And I study, study and all that. You know what? I could cultivate a burning desire to play saxophone but it won’t work out in the end because a component, I believe, of burning desire is in one sense you just don’t have a choice that you can pick anything that you want.

You are wired. You are created in such a way for certain things, certain realms, certain natural intuitive giftedness. Music is not mine. Now sometimes you have to try things to discover that but I know that that’s not how I’m wired. Foreign language, you can go international. That’s not how I’m wired. It’s one of the few classes I almost failed early on in junior high in high school and college. I’m just not wired that way. And so I’m not –that’s not an excuse.

Part of it is to discover how you’re created and how you were wired and then cooperate with those things along with the burning desire. When all of that lines up, your chances are greatly increasing that you’re going to achieve your end. And there’s no right or wrong because everybody is created differently. Just as we’re created in terms of our heritage differently and in terms of our physical looks differently, we’re also created in that innermost man differently also. So discover that. The inner quest to discover that and let those natural things line up with what you want to do.  Napoleon Hill sees it a bit different.

For instance, good example, I’m helping my son with solving a Physics class right now. Physics comes just like almost nothing to me. I got A pluses in college in Physics. I didn’t even try. It wasn’t even like I was thinking it. I didn’t have to study. It was just like, “Oh yeah that makes sense.” And so, but for language oh man. It was awful. I go walking through mud.

If I’m going to want to have a burning desire towards to getting an end in business I try to then stay numbers-oriented. I try to stay cause and effect oriented. There’s a lot of Physics principles that you could bring into business moreso than maybe the subjective touchy feeling kind of thing. Anyway that’s just one example. Learn to line up with your destiny. You’re going to cultivate your burning desire have it be along the lines of what you are designed to being to do.

Second point is, I’ve worked with hundreds of people through the years. And if all you want is more money and that money meaning it results in – and the reason I bring this up because it’s pretty prevalent in our industry. It’s focusing on the big mansion, the $500,000 sports car, the exotic vacations. Money, money, money so I can enjoy riches. If that’s all, that’s the only thing that you have a passion for, in Curt’s opinion, you will not make it.  Napoleon Hill actually failed this test.

Now that’s why I put here more than money. I have never heard —now maybe they’re out there —but I have never heard a success story of anybody that made it that that was the only thing they were after. Now they might have enjoyed those things along the way. That might have been part of what they get to enjoy on the journey or the destination but that wasn’t a root cause or motivation for their passion. They would have pursued it even if they hadn’t got rich or if they’d only got maybe one-tenth of rich.

They still had that — a deeper core purpose, a deeper core desire, a deeper core wanting to make a difference in someone’s life. If wealth and riches and greed – I’ll call it greed. I’ll call it for what it is. If materialism and greed is your only desire, you’re not going to make it. I don’t know what else to tell you. It just doesn’t work that way. I hadn’t seen a – and that’s just not some high, lofty Christian opinion. I haven’t seen that play out and I interface with a lot of Christians, non-Christians, atheists, new-age. It didn’t matter to me. I work with anybody regardless of their “religious persuasion” or world view, I’d never heard of a story where someone made it with that being their primary, only desire. Think about that.

What is it that really you desire? What is it that makes you angry? There’s ways to discover how you are wired and what you’re destined for and trust me, it has to do more with than making a million dollars so you can be on a yacht. It’s just again the overall design of human beings we’re created for a purpose and to make a difference in this world, and just enjoying wealth is not one of the things that will get you there primarily.

Another thing that I thought I’d just quickly highlight, those that have a burning desire as Napoleon Hill describes ultimately don’t have a plan B. Now what I mean by that is they, they’re on a quest to achieve something. And they’re going to fulfill that and they burn their bridges towards other options.

For example, I am a coach and a trainer and a network marketer and affiliate marketer. That’s what I do. That’s what I love. It’s the vehicle. It’s the conduit for me to achieve what it is that I’m to achieve in this life. I don’t have a plan B in the sense that I could never and would never get that for the corporate job. That’s not going to happen for me. I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t do it. It’s like that possibility no longer exists in my mind or in reality. So I’d burn the bridges and I had a burning desire for success and wealth-creation for kingdom of God-building purposes in these days that we’re headed into. I can’t go back to mediocrity and not pursue that to another avenue.

Some people jump into a business opportunity, affiliate marketing opportunity, a network marketing opportunity, a money-making opportunity and in the back of their minds say, “Why don’t you try this for a few months and if it works, great. If it does what this guy says, it might do great. If not, I’ve worked at AYB company for 4 years and I could make it another 5 and it’s okay.” That’s an indication that you do not have a Napoleon Hill type burning desire.

Now I’m not telling you to go quit that job that you’ve been at for years. Don’t read me wrong. I’m just saying if you really having a burning desire to make that big difference in the world, that’s part of what I have seen and observed as a needed and necessary component to achieve and arrive at the desired end.

Okay so we’ll go through some commentaries. I like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. It’s got some real, real sweet, meaty potent meat in there. But there’s also some very dangerous bones. Today we talked about a really beautiful part of Napoleon Hill’s work, Think and Grow Rich. And it really, really is true.

You pick any sphere of business, sports, art. I tell you, those people that make it big, they have proven their desire, burning desire to make it big through many challenges, trials and tribulations. Did you know the average millionaire, for instance, if you’re just looking out for money, did you know the average millionaire has filed bankruptcies like 1.5 or 2 times in their life? I’m talking about self-made millionaire. I’m not talking about those that are inherited.

Self-made millionaires had filed bankruptcy an average of almost 2 times. It’s a statistic that I read. Do you think they had a burning desire to get to where they want to go? So when you look at people that have made it farther than you’ve made it big, say “Ah they had an advantage,” that probably indicates your burning desire needs to be cultivated also.

So anyway, as you could tell I’m a preacher, always have been, always will be. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you get Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Look if you haven’t, you can get it off my website and then read my editorial and track with this particularly if you consider yourself a devoted follower of Jesus and want to do business stuff to build the kingdom of God. These things that I’ve processed for many, many years I think will help you. So signing off. See you next week on the commentary of Napoleon Hill and his next Success Principle in Think and Grow Rich.

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