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mlm toolsEvery professional needs to become a master at the tools of the trade, and mlm tools are no different.

It still bugs me when people say “anyone can do this” when the truth is that mastery of mlm tools is required for marketing professionals  to generate the level of income they desire.

Like any professional you don’t have to be a master of all the tools, but you do need to become proficient in many of them, and hopefully you will become very gifted at  a couple of the mlm tools you need.

At a minimum you need the following mlm tools to succeed:

1.  Contact Management system.  This is the place to keep track of your prospects, team mates, etc.  It needs to include a good autoresponder system in it for all your email campaigns.  Check out my mlm tool system of choice – Prosperity Central.

2.  Presentation venue.  This is the method of how you present your business.  My preference is online, even for those doing belly-to-belly, having your presentation material be online shows cutting edge professionalism and makes your “funnel” more efficient.  Online presentation modules also make for easy transition to capture lead or prospect information to follow up with.  My Presentation mlm tool of choice is Prosperity Central!

Unless you have a system that includes powerful mlm tools, you are not going about network marketing as a professional and will not reach your goals.  I know that upsets some networkers, but I have long ago let go the lottery ticket mentality of many sub-professionals (…just get two who get two.)  Professionals rely on their skills and work, not luck or others.

MLM Tools

Prosperity Central is an all in one solution for the MLMer looking for mlm tools in an  mlm system.  This mlm system includes all the key mlm tools for success:

*Capture Page Creator

*Video Email

*Voice & Text Broadcaster and Autoresponder

*Built in Contact Manager

*Real Time Live Chat

*Live Web Conferencing

*Easy Video Hosting

*Easy Email Autoresponer

*Digital Library

*Webinar On-Demand

Prosperity Central is just that – a full and robust suite of mlm tools for the MLMer looking for an mlm system.  One key ingredient that amazes me is the simplicity – easy to follow, understand, and implement training videos found throughout .  I started doing online attraction marketing before the turn of the century!  For 12 years, I’ve had to piece mlm tools together and then teach my organization to do the same – NO MORE!  Prosperity Central has done it for me – and every other savvy MLM marketer out there.  (There are two other components to complete a full mlm system for the serious professional – a full wordpress blog like this one, and a team of marketers to work with.)

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Curt Johnson


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