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MLM Coach Curt shares a great consultative selling tip – listen before you present anything.

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Consultative Selling

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Good morning to wherever you are in the world. This is coach Curt Johnson with some MLM Consultative Selling Tips this 8th of November 2012. If you’re viewing this anywhere else you can go to and catch up on this full series.

Consultative Selling Textbook

Just a quick review, we are talking about the New Conceptual Selling book and Consultative Selling. I have been thoroughly trained in consultative selling, have done it for years and have personally sponsored hundred of people into my organization throughout my fifteen year career and a lot of that is due to consultative selling skills. I’m old fashioned, if you what to make a lot of money..have good skills and that’s what this series is all about.

We’ve been going through this series and I’m going to quick go through some Consultative Selling Tips. You can go back and watch it for full explanations and full understanding of these Consultative Selling Tips.

Consultative Selling Tip # 1 is find out what your prospects wants BEFORE you present the solution!

Consultative Selling Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide/advisor! Help people!

Consultative Selling Tip # 3 is think long term (residual + reorders). So often we think about the immediate sale and not the long run.

Consultative Selling Tip # 4 is don’t assume anything! We’re taught in our old ways to just about assume anything.

Consultative Selling Tip # 5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take! It’s totally unrealistic to think people are going to jump in to what you’re doing at the first bush.

Consultative Selling Tip # 6 is determine the minimum action BEFORE you make the call. What do you want the person to do? It’s unfortunate most network marketers don’t have a funnel. They don’t have a system, they just expect people to join with no steps in between. That isn’t logical and it doesn’t work.

Consultative Selling Tip # 7 is practice your voicemail and/or read your Email out loud to see if it passes the test!

Consultative Selling Tip # 8 we did last week is bring your strengths and assets with you! You have talents, you have strengths, you have credibility, and if you don’t you use borrowed credibility. This is a picture of myself teaching with Ann Sieg at a local workshop up at Minnesota.

Let’s dive in now to chapter 9. The title is learning to listen.

Listening is a Consultative Selling skill.

It is developed and something that has to be cultivated. It takes, for me anyway, it takes a long time. It takes concentration. For now you network marketing career or your affiliate marketing career if you’re building an organization or a team.

When you are talking to people here are some thoughts that align with this chapter is applying it too what we do as building teams or organizations or gathering customers.

To listen well you can’t have an agenda up front and so often, I’d say 98% of the time that’s what people have when they talk to me. They want to get me in their deal. They already have that agenda, one before they talk to me and before they listen. If you’re doing that it’s a difficult mind set to change. I want to talk to this person. I want to listen.

THEN if they have a need or express something in their life that would indicate that they have or want something that I have or can give them..then I can offer possible solutions for them. In learning to listen don’t have an agenda going into it.

The second thing is ask good questions. Listen..and then dig a little bit. Ask some good questions. How do you like your job? Are you making enough money? Truly listen. See if there’s something in their life that the person is trying to accomplish or fix.

That come from the New Conceptual selling book on Consultative Selling. What are they trying to accomplish, fix, or avoid? As you are listening and you just one company, one deal or one thing that you’re doing you are going to be limited in what you have to offer them as a solution.

What you have may or may not fit what they want or are doing. If you have multiple streams of income which I’m a strong component of, your chances of being able to service them are far greater. I’ve done different MLM’s, different network marketing, different affiliate companies through the years and I’ve almost always had a training organization along side of that.

There are times that maybe my MLM didn’t fit what this person wanted, but they might already be in another MLM or marketing something else online. Almost everybody that is entrepreneurial needs marketing training, that’s why you’re listening to this. We all need to develop our skills.

When I have other things that I can make money on or that I can refer too, that I enjoy using, then I become a better solutions provider for that person. I need to listen first.

From a marketing point of view, I’m not trying to pick on any certain company, but some of the idiotic things i’ve hears is everybody has skin and so everybody needs my product and I can just blab. Maybe that’s not how it’s said but that’s how they operate. Yeah everybody has skin but not everybody thinks they have a problem with their skin. Well you’re going to convince them, you’re really going to knock your head against the wall. Take that analogy whether is skin, health, finances, you want to listen to see if that person has that felt need in their life. If they don’t sense it or they don’t feel it then its a long, long, long road to convince them and your odds are probably pretty slim that you’re going to do it in the time frame that you want.

Ask good questions. Listen closely. See what they have to say. This book on Consultative Selling talks about developing those skills.

Let’s move on here. This graph you’ll find in The New Conceptual Selling book also is called superb communication. It involves getting information and then once you have some information you give a little bit of information and you bring them to the next step.

What that might look like, whether it’s online or it’ s off line you’re just communicating with people and there’s a felt need. Maybe they are just paying off some credit card debt and you’re really hearing what they have to say. This again is when you don’t assume anything, a Consultative Selling Tip in the series, don’t assume they want to make millions of dollars..”I want to pay off my credit card debt”. This is why listening is so important.

By getting started I say we’ll listen I’m using a vehicle that’s helping me pay off some of my credit cards..can you go here and log into this website and watch this video. It’s a cycle. It’s mostly listening, especially at first. Really really listen and then give them something that is tangible. Help them research and be their guide. through the process.

Superb communication!

Consultative Selling

Great listening is more important than great presentation skills. I love telling this wasn’t exactly USO but a USO type service to military personnel..this guy in this organization, it’s a true story, he had like a coffee shop at this navy port where sailors would come in after six months or a year on their ship and they got their big pay checks in the city. He was burdened for them..they’re going off of wine, women, and song and so on and so forth.. He wanted to help those service men not be ripped off, scammed, or spend their money foolishly on prostitutes, drugs, etc.

So he had this coffee shop and what he did was put his coffee shop right in the path where many of them would go after getting off the ship..he would invite them in, stand at the door and they would all walk by hardly anyone stepping inside.

This is what he discovered..if he and whoever helping him would just walk a couple blocks away and come up along side a group of sailors and just strike up a conversation with them. Where have you been? How was the tour of duty?

Just converse with them and be friendly and right at the door of the coffee shop then say hey do you want to come in for a quick cup of coffee before you move for the night. He said almost all of them would come in. Think about that. From no one coming in to all of them coming in.

What happened?

He was listening first! So the Consultative Selling Tip for today from the Consultative selling book chapter 9 is Walk along side someone for a while BEFORE you offer advice or really anything..invitation, suggestions, etc.

HUGE CONSULTATIVE SELLING TIP. If no one is coming into your business you might think hmm am I really doing a good job of listening and presenting what I have in a way that appeals to them and truly meets their needs?

If not sometimes I listen to people and what I have and what I have to offer really isn’t whats going to meet their need and I tell them that. That’s be true and authentic and honest. Walk along side your people. Walk along side your prospect. Walk along side your team BEFORE what you offer can be deemed as cheap advice even if it’s not.

This is Coach Curt on the 8th of November signing off, have a fabulous week!

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