MLM Tip # 10 – Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares Consultative Selling Tip #10

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Consultative Selling

Hey good morning, afternoon, or evening. This is Coach Curt with MLM Consultative Selling Tip for this 15 of November 2012.

We are covering in this series the New Conceptual Selling book. If you have never read this I highly encourage it! It was written for business to business purposes but what I do in this series is try to make network marketing, recruiting, all the things we do in this industry is bring these timeless and effective business principles into our industry.

Staying in the stone is age is part of what brings this industry down.

We need to step up and see all the business principles and internet marketing principles that is available to us today. Things are gradually changing and I like to think what we do here has a small, small part of that process.

We’re going to talk about consultative selling and if you haven’t jumped into the rest of this series I encourage you to do that. We talked just a little bit about each chapter, I courage you to get the book and read the chapter and just to share a Consultative Selling Tip. Whether you believe or not these Consultative Selling Tips will be helpful.

When you buy a drill you don’t really want a drill, you want a hole.

Perry Marshall coined that phrase.Consultative Selling Textbook

Consultative Selling Tip #1 that we talked about, each one of these Consultative Selling Tips by the way before we get to Consultative Selling Tip ten today, has whole video lesson to it that you can go back to here on

So Consultative Selling Tip # 1 is find out what your prospect wants BEFORE you present the solution! It’s pretty obvious but many marketers don’t do that.

Consultative Selling Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide/advisor. Don’t be threatened if they are looking at other things and you come along side with them and share the wisdom that you’ve gained, both about your company’s product or service and about what’s out there that you know about. You will win the lion’s share in the long run and be a trusted advisor in the business. That is a transition into . . .

Consultative Selling Tip # 3 which is think long term business relationships. So much time and emphasis is spent on short term signing bonus or training bonus and those aren’t wrong..they are motivating, they’re fun, but overall your thought process has to be I want to cultivate long term business relationships and attract people to me so its WIN-WIN.

Consultative Selling Tip # 4 is don’t assume anything! I don’t know why Fauns is here, I grew up watching him as a teenager and he had a lot of assumptions in life and i guess he’s a stereotypical icon of someone that seems so assured in the way he’s doing doings. Unfortunately many network marketers, mlm marketers, trainers think the same.

They are self assured, they think everyone wants to make tons of money, they think everyone wants out of their job. NO, don’t assumed anything! That will help you as you do the consultative selling process.

Consultative Selling Tip # 5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take! Often times the training in this industry is to greet someone and the goal is then get them signed up or be your business partner within a half hour or a hotel meeting which in this day in age, because the way the internet has changed the way we access information, research decisions, making buying relatively crazy and you can listen to that message.

Consultative Selling Tip # 6 is determine the minimum action-BEFORE you make the call. Often times the nervousness, the phone fear, people fear and all that is because you’re not sure what you what the prospect to do. You what them to take the whole enchilada but don’t have steps for them to take. Maybe it’s to read some material, watch a video, get them on a conference call,. There has to be a process to warm people up to you and what it is you want them to do.

Consultative Selling Tip #7 is practice your voicemail and/or read your Email out loud to see if it passes the test! Practice does help. Consultative Selling Tip # 8 is bring your strengths and assets with you! Much of what I don’t like about mainline training in this industry is anybody can do it.

That’s not true.

You need to tie into those strengths, those gifts, that you’ve had from the past that have served you well and given you success and prayers and bring them into your network marketing industry. That’s a huge void that’s in this industry.

If you say you don’t think you have much credibility you can use borrowed credibility. Talk about your great leaders and up line and relationships with them. I still do that even though I’m an established coach in the industry.

You type in MLM coach on google and most of the time I’m ranked number one, but I still used borrowed credibility. This picture is of me training in even with Ann Sieg.

Consultative Selling Tip # 9 is Walk along side someone for a while BEFORE you offer advice. I tell a really cool story in the video right before this. I encourage you to go listen to that.

Consultative Selling

We are on Consultative Selling Tip # 10 now as we move in and this is the over reaching, getting information. It’s superb communication. It’s a process of getting information, giving information, and then getting a commitment. It usually doesn’t happen just in one cycle. With a normal person it takes several cycles of warming up to you and your vision and your hopes and working with you.

The values of your company, the effectiveness of your product and on and on, it’s a process! Often times the expectation is that it’s all going to happen in one cycle. Rarely does that happen! Often times the giving of information is emphasized rather than the getting of information from your potential prospect or costumer. You’re wasting your time most of the time giving information.

This leads us to chapter ten of this book . It’s probably the most needy, technical, robust part of the whole book of New Conceptual Selling. It talks about the five types of questions.

1.) Confirmation

2.)New Information



5.)Basic Issue

All of those are types of questions you need to know about. Some of them you know naturally and they just put labels on it which is fine. Some of these questions you need to know what they’re going after. I guess the overreaching theme for today is have good questions ready to ask their commitment maybe..confirmation from them if they’re really interested.

So many people waste their time talking to people who aren’t interested in some faint hope that maybe they’ll say something to convince them. That’s not the strategy or motive operand that’s going to get you business partners. Sometimes it’s a new information question. People need to have what they feel is enough information to move forward. That varies with every personality. Some people just need a little bit of information to move forward. Some people need a lot.

Attitude questions are questions often asked by really questioning this person’s interest level whether some people are just to nice to tell you they’re not interested and that’s okay I like nice people. Some of the questions I’ve asked thousands of times through the years is well “Joe” on a scale of one to ten, one being you want to close your eyes and ten being you can’t wait to find out more about what we’re doing and coming along for this ride. 1-10 where are you? If they say well..a five or below .. I say okay well thanks I’m going to send you some more Emails to research and if this does pick your interest more than get back to me. You’ve got to be willing to do that! Have a good question in all these areas.

The commitment question for example “Joe” comes back to you and says well I’m a seven on the scale. Well then it’s a question not a statement. Say okay Joe I do have this webinar or this conference call or I can send you this pamphlet to get you going and which would you prefer? You are asking a question to get a next level step of commitment.

It’s a reciprocal process, it doesn’t happen in just one thing. It’s a process that goes round and round and you need to be able to go around that circle, getting more information and getting a better commitment as you move forward.

The basic issue question and sometimes marketers get really disappointed, they think they have someone of interest and all the sudden blows up. Usually that has to do with the basic issue. Basic issue in a person’s life can be finances, function, family and often times you need to revisit the basic issues that they’re trying to resolve in their life.

It doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. I’ve had this happen many times through the years I’ll call the person next time and can tell that something is not right and I’ll say “Joe” you’re looking for a goal for X amount of dollars and X amount of months and starting frame that out with what I might do but what’s going on? He might say “Oh I got a job!”

That changes everything.

It’s a basic issue question. Learn to ask questions. That’s the main thing. This whole series is if you’re going to get anything out of anything else this is how I would say it..BITE YOUR TONGUE, quit talking, ask questions and listen!! You don’t what to be the stereotypical person and blab blab blab.

ALWAYS get permission to proceed and that happens with a question. Say “Joe” you have another five minutes? I have an idea or a theory about that..I have some input about that would you like to hear it? I ask that all the time even when I know they want to hear it? Again always ask permission with your perspective client or team mate to move forward with them.

If you’re asking for further engagement, commitment, joining, or buying or whatever the case might be. Always ask permission. Get permission with a question as you move forward in the consultative selling process.

Get information, give information, get information and get a commitment and some of this is just asking permission to get more information right then and there.

That’s it for today with the consultative selling Consultative Selling Tip off of the book the New Conceptual Selling book on this 15 of November 2012. Thank you for your time and I hope you got something out of it! Read the book and jot down some questions.

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