MLM Tip #8 – Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares a great Consultative Selling tip to have and build credibility in your marketing as you build your business.

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Consultative Selling

Hey this is coach Curt Johnson, I trust all is well with you it is the 1st of November 2012 and wow how time flies. This is a series we are doing on Conceptual selling and consultative selling.

Consultative Selling Textbook

If you want to go back at look at some of the other recordings it does go sequential. We try to take this book, it’s a classic book on selling that was written for business to business, but I take it and read it and make it palatable and share some Consultative Selling Tips and how it can apply to us as home business starters specifically in the network marketing world. I encourage you to go out and get that book which you can find for a buck or two on Amazon if you don’t mind buying it used.

We’ve been sharing Consultative Selling Tips regarding this book and I’m going to fly through these really fast and if one of these grabs your attention please feel free to go back and find the video where I talk about these Consultative Selling Tips for five or ten minutes each. They average about ten minutes to help you sharpen your sword in your tool box for your company.

Consultative Selling Tip # 1 is find out what your prospects wants BEFORE you present the solution! So many just dump on people and not really find out if they have a need they can fulfill through their company or their products.

Consultative Selling Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide/advisor! Don’t just offer your solution, hear their problem and then guide them through their options BEFORE you try and cram one solution down their throat.

Consultative Selling Tip # 3 is think long term business (Residual + Reorders). In other want to develop relationships in business where finding activity with a pool of people that enjoy doing business. They appreciate the value that you being to the market place.

Consultative Selling Tip # 4 is don’t assume anything! There’s a lot of common assumptions in our industry that simply aren’t true. Some people assume people what to make tons of money and be millionaires which is not in my experience through the years. Some people assume right out of the gate that people want to get right out of their job..well a lot of people do and a lot of people don’t.

The motivation level everybody assumes that they should be motivated to make changes in their life and again that’s just not human nature. When you go into certain situations talking to prospects, talking to friends or online marketers making those assumptions you’re just going to turn a lot of people off right out of the gate.

Consultative Selling Tip #5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take! They should be subsequential, they should be natural, they should be ordered. So often we’re taught to just blab and expect people to sign up for business with us and it’s not a reasonable or natural expectation. We need to have what we call a funnel. If you don’t know how to build a funnel we can teach you how to do that.

Consultative Selling Tip #6 is determine the minimum action BEFORE you make the call. So often again with the naivety and working against human nature instead of cooperating with it is not even reasonable. What is reasonable is after a short invitation is to have a commitment from them to do something, whether it’s to try a sample, visit a website, plug their Email into something you offer, those types of activities.

It’s really all about what this books calls Superb Communication. This is where you get started and most marketers don’t is getting information then you give a little bit of information and get a commitment and this can cycle. Sometimes one, tow, three, four…several times before someone actually engages you in business. It’s a skill that we are selling, not in a traditional way but we are selling, we are guiding, we are reading people.

Consultative Selling

Let’s move on to chapter 8. This chapter asks Do I have Credibility? Often times new marketers, maybe you’ve been a post man your whole life and bless you, maybe you’ve been a fireman or worked for the city, mid management, administrator and I can go on and on..but you don’t have business experience that you feel that you can lean into to give you credibility as to why someone should join you in business.

It takes awhile to build that kind of credibility and you will if you stick at it. In this industry the tortoise that learns does win over the web that runs fast every time.

There’s a couple Consultative Selling Tips I’m going to share with you as you read this book and look at the issue of credibility there is several realms of credibility that the book is very good at..your character, your time, fulfilling your commitment and all the things that speak of character. I’ve never talked to and I’ve talked to thousands and thousands of marketers and I’ve never met one that couldn’t lean back into their life where you have established credibility in another realm. It might be a previous job, might be as an employee or even an employer.

It might be as teacher for your students, or a volunteer for an organization. There is always something where you can lean back in your life history or life resume and pull in your testimonies which is # 3,pull in that credibility into your network marketing world. Nurses for example have so much credibility but they don’t see it coming into the networking world or marketing.

You can easily pull into that, you can say you know what for the past twenty years I’ve been working with doctors and following their instruction and guiding patients, you can get specific there, and say what people have said about their ability to guides solution. Well what I’ve done for people’s physical health I now do for people’s financial health and I’m finding it really enjoyable. It’s taking from what’s in your past and working it into now. It’s gathering testimonies.

You say well Curt I haven’t worked in business before..let’s say you’re just a faithful employee and you have a good relationship with a boss or former supervisor, go get a testimony from them. you know working with “George” has been fantastic..he’s faithful, creative, and loves doing this and that and so on and so forth. Bring that into your marketing. Whether you still just doing off line I encourage you to quickly advance into online because the off line world is really tough and I won’t go into that right now.

Then there’s borrowed credibility. What you see here is a picture of coach Curt and Ann Sieg who probably know of in the industry, she’s an industry guru. This us in training in a training workshop just recently. I use borrowed credibility, even though I have my own credibility, you know Curt you’ve been teams into the thousands, I still use credibility because I’m not as a big a big shot as Ann Sieg is, even though I helped her in the early days to get there which was enjoyable. That is part of my credibility. You can do the same thing. You can get close to the strong marketers in your company or in your up line and say this or say that and join training organizations like Ann Sieg.

You can join teams from mulConsultative Selling Tiple streams of income like I lead. All of that so when you go and tell people to join you in business you want to be more than just a rep for your company because you know I work for Ann Sieg or I work with coach Curt or I work with someone in the up line. While you’re establishing your own up line in particular beside that you borrow credibility as well. It will serve you really really well. You can have morph your past, you borrow credibility, grab some testimonies from your life and you can enter into your marketing with a much stronger posture than you can ever imagine how.

I encourage you to take those steps. So the Consultative Selling Tip for coming out of chapter 8 is bring your strengths and assets with you into your business! So many wonderful, creative people in different spheres of life are coming into network marketing and unfortunately so many companies dumb it down to where you’re just this billboard for the company and they don’t even take into consideration the value that you bring to the market place.

They just kind of want to go through your world market to pick the ripest fern and move on and not even bring you into the equation. I know that sounds kind of cynical but that’s a lot of the reason our industry has bad reputation. If you do it properly and as a professional you bring your strengths and your assets in your business with mulConsultative Selling Tiple streams of income to move forward. If I can help you with that be sure to grab my Ebook of MLM Mastery that’s here on this website. It’s totally free, some of that information I used to charge for but i think you’ll really enjoy.

Having said all that it’s been a pleasure sharing this MLM Consultative Selling Tip with you today. This is Coach Curt on November 1st 2012 signing off!

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