MLM Tip #7 – Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares a great mlm tip on how knowing your request BEFORE you call your potential customer or client will ensure your marketing success as you build your business.

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Consultative Selling MLM Tip

Consultative Selling Textbook

Hey good morning,afternoon, or evening everybody this is coach Curt with some MLM Tips on this 18th of October 2012. Hopefully you’re following along in this series now, if not you can just jump up there and get through the introduction and the previous lessons. Let’s go ahead and move along to today. We are basing this series on consultative selling from the book The New Conceptual Selling. I will quickly review the MLM Tips we have on video.

MLM Tip # 1 is find out what your prospects wants BEFORE you present the solution!

MLM Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide/advisor! in other words not just a pushy sales person.

MLM Tip # 3 is think long term business (Residual + reorders)., not just that initial sale.

MLM Tip # 4 is don’t assume anything! we makes assumptions often that people want to drive fast cars or only desire is to be rich which is often not the case. Don’t assume anything!

MLM Tip # 5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take BEFORE you lead them down the path.

MLM Tip # 6 is determine the minimum action BEFORE you make the call.

Today’s MLM Tip, MLM Tip # 7, which is similar to the process of superb communication. Superb communication is getting information, which a lot of people don’t do or trained to do in our industry, then give some information then take sequential steps. I look at it as almost baby steps..most people skip getting altogether and give them a bunch of information and expecting a commitment at the end. A lot of people in sales don’t work that way anymore. They never really did work well that way and they certainly don’t work well in this day in age of computers, information and how we process things as human beings in western society.

Today is very similar to chapter 7 in the text book which is why should the costumer see me? What is you valid business reason for calling them? It’s got be more than okay “Joe” are you ready join? or Joe are you ready to buy now? That doesn’t cut it to become pushy. Follow up is important but people aren’t taught strategic, wise and professional follow up methodology’s. Consultative Selling works.

Now assuming that costumer has already been introduced to you or looked at our website or looked at your corporate website, came to a meeting or whatever..the next contact or subsequent contact you have to put yourself in their shoes and answer the question for yourself before you contact them..Why should the costumer see me? What is a valid reason that they would have to spend whether is two minutes, five minute,lunch meeting, whatever..what is the value that they they should spend whatever time or effort connecting with me. If you can’t answer that question then you’re probably just harassing and chasing and bothering them and they know it.

Consultative Selling

The educational and one of the MLM Tips earlier is being their guide by giving them more asking for a commitment later down the road. Maybe they came to a webinar now there’s subsequent webinar, maybe they tried a product and are wanting to join you in business. Whatever the reason is, let’s just use that example. Nutritionals are very big in this industry and maybe they’re trying a product and just calling them every week..are you ready to do business with me? That’s harassment! But if you call them and you know the product takes seven to ten days, this is all hypothetical, you apply it to your business, your product, but you know it will take seven to ten days for that product to make a difference..the valid business reason is that you might want a report on the effects of how that product is doing with them.

That’s why you’re calling and they know that’s why you’re calling. There is a real and clear purpose. Make those steps sub sequentially and not all at once. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the second date., or maybe you do but I bet you get turned down if you try. It’s really just making those steps sub sequentially.

Using this analogy, you have a clear purpose..they’ve gotten a sample,they’ve used this product and now the next step is a very clear purpose, I want a report on their experience with product and then be concise. If you can’t say it simply and concisely in a voice mail then you probably haven’t nailed it yet. You should be able to pick up the phone or draft an e-mail and just say hey “Joe” I know you’ve tried the product now for ten days and I’m calling to find out how you’re feeling, what you’re doing, and how your experience has been..I’m looking forward to hearing your report so give me a buzz, thanks bye! Very clear.

Very concise. Very measurable.

Consultative Selling

You are taking them through the process of being a solutions provider for them. Obviously what you want them to say is “this product is great!” then you determine what the next steps will be. You can’t determine the next step and so many reps are trained so poorly or just not trained at all saying oh let’s do the whole nine yards..or you should by the product even though you haven’t tried it blah blah you want to get rich and so just a bunch of nonsense.

Point by point, strategic, valid business reason why should the customer see for this two minute phone call, this one hour webinar, this hotel meeting whatever. What is the goal? What is the purpose? Be a solution provider. Say it simply and concisely and move them step by step. Granted some costumers or potential clients want it quicker than others. You might have a ten step process with one, you must improvise to get them to be a full fledge customer or business partner with you. others you might just have a one or two step and that’s great if it happens but it has to do with superb communication. It’s getting and giving information a cyclical way. You need to do that with everybody.

MLM Tip for today is practice your voicemail/or read your Email out loud to see if it passes the test! If you can’t say that clearly then you need to become more focused, precise, and step by step building that bridge to the costumer, (see graphic). You need to be able to say that and if you can’t..chances are you don’t know why you’re following up, you’re feeling like your bugging them and they’re feeling like you’re bugging them. You are actually pushing them away without being strategic.

Again read your Email. Hey “Joe” I know you’ve been on this product for ten days and I’m checking in to see how you’re feeling, let me know thanks! Simple and easy! What you do as a marketer at the back of their mind, whether its not continuous to them they know, or they think they know, what Curt is doing I’m going to have to do that too If I’m going to join the business. So if you’re pushing, if your bugging, if you’re a pest they are going to be saying I don’t want to do that, I’m not going to get into business with that guy..even if they have a good experience with your product or service. Practice! Step by step! Practice that email, read the text and then move forward, step by step. That is what a consultative approach and a professional marketer does.

That is your MLM Consultative Selling Tip for today, 18 October 2012, Have a good one!

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