MLM Tip #6 – Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares a great mlm coaching tip on how walking your prospects through small measurable steps will ensure your marketing success as you build your business.

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If you prefer to read this mlm coaching tip instead of watch, here is the transcript:

Hey good morning, afternoon, or evening everybody, this is coach Curt with your Mlm coaching tip for this Thursday morning, it is the 11 of October 2012. I’m here in the central time zone in the United States and regards of where you are in the world I wish you a good day.

Let’s go ahead and jumbo right in to this mlm coaching tip. Hopefully you’ve gotten activated in the series and basing it on The New Conceptual Selling text book and we call it Consultative Selling. I’m going to be sharing some mlm coaching tip s. If you’re a network marketer, affiliate marketer, or wanting to grow or expand your business or your team, particularly if you’re talking to someone, and you have to talk someone if you’re wanting to grow your team, we’re going to share some stuff here.

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve shared mlm coaching tip # 1 that is Find out what your prospects wants BEFORE you present the solution! Some common sense there that is often ignored.

Mlm coaching tip #2 is Be your prospect’s research guide/advisor. Often times we don’t let other know here’s the bigger picture, here are some of your choices, and ultimately that gains you favor to tell them eventually you’re best of with me in what you’re looking for.

Mlm coaching tip # 3 is think long term business (residual + reorders). Regardless of how your compensation plan or how you’re wanting to make money, it is the long ongoing customer relationship, business relationship that are really what create joint venturing and long term sustainable growth, income, and wealth. Think long term. Don’t get caught up on thinking about that fancy bonus you can get in thirty days and so on and so forth, it can sabotage you in the long run.

Mlm coaching tip #4 is How your customers make buying decisions. Don’t assume anything! We cover this tip thoroughly in this chapter. Many MLM assumptions are WRONG. It’s important that we don’t trip ourselves up on that and lose potential business partners because we’re making the wrong assumptions.

Mlm coaching tip # 5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take! What do you want them to do. You need to know what sequence of events you want to take them through, which is so important! This tip is very similar to the chapter we are covering today out of the book we are basing this on..The New Conceptual Selling.

MLM Coaching Tip #6

Mlm coaching tip # 6 asks the question What do I want the customers to do? Let’s look at that. They find me on the internet, they’re looking for things, they’re looking for help, they’re looking for a solution to their problem. Often times we are the ones that send long, mixed , or bad messages so that they don’t engage with with us. So here are some common mistakes that I see network marketers make. When they reach out to people they are not clear enough or define what it is they want them to do or in what order.

Common mistakes is that we are often too general. If you say well I want them to join my business that makes sense to us because we’re acclimated to our company, the way we do things, and it makes sense to us but often times that won’t make sense to particularly a newer person starting to engage. Come join our business. They might even be thinking they have to quit their job and on and on. If you’re too general, and we’ve already talked about not mixing with the products with the opportunity because it just becomes a hodge podge.

A confused costumer with leave! A confused prospective business partner will leave. Be real specific and be realistic. This is another common mistake. Often times we think because we’re so excited about what we got or what we we’re doing or the company that w’ere representing is doing that we think that they should see it right out of the gate and jump right in full blown right away. That is an unrealistic expectation even if we’re very specific.

You know I want “Joe” to join my business at the highest level for seven hundred and seventy-seven dollars down and x member of autoship and blah blah blah and that’s what I want. You are being very specific but is that being realistic? Maybe “Joe” has a full time job, all the challenges and objections, we need to be realistic. What would be the first step or second or third step that would be realistic for Joe to take. Do you have free entry? Do you have samples to get them going? This segways into point number three of this mlm coaching tip.

Another common mistake is that it’s too fast. Let’s say you get someone on a nutrition product and this happened to me recently. Someone wanted me to try their nutrition product and honestly I love this guy and I asked him you know how long from your research will I get the results that I’m looking for and he said ” Oh well you can feel better by the end of the day”. That is not the wisest thing to say. Often times whether it’s a result from our product or whether we expect people to have this revelation of how wonderful our compensation plan is and all of that is just TOO FAST.

In particular our ADD society, in our fast moving society, our all distractions society. I heard that the information in a weeks worth of the Wall Street Journal is all the information that a person heard over a hundred years ago heard their whole life. Mlm coaching tip, We have so much to process. It’s going to take a gradual, warming up process .

Each step means specific and measurable. The original conversation where you’re listening more than talking, finding out needs, taking a step towards that need, following up with that costumer or prospective business partners, thoughts about that step, again it’s an on going process. in the next step what do I want the customer to do.. you say well I just want them to be a business partner with need to break that up into bite size chunks, even if it’s a two week or two month process. Make each step specific. Make each step measurable.

For instance…lets say they see some of your website stuff maybe a step you have is to go to a live webinar to see what you or a team leader is doing then that’s a specific, measurable step. You’re talking to “Joe” and Joe and you say meet on Tuesday at X number of time at this conference webinar, I’ll be on there with you. That’s specific, it’s measurable, and it’s realistic, it’s not too fast and you’re leading them towards the desired app.

The whole idea is about getting information, giving information, and then getting a commitment. It’s not like most people get married on the first day they meet, I guess it happens in Las Vegas every once in awhile but we all laugh at that. Why would we expect a big decision like this. So we get some information, we give them some information and we get a commitment. Maybe it’s a conference call.

We get some more information, we give some more information, maybe it’s a free membership or sample. We get some more information, we give some more information, maybe then it’s to come in at a low level entry. It depends upon the prospect or potential costumer but it’s the superb communication process that will yield the best and long lasting results in your business as you move forward.

So Mlm coaching tip # 6 for today is before you make that contact, whether it’s an e-mail or a phone call, Determine the minimum action that you want that person that’s looking at you have..BEFORE you make the call.

Let’s say you sent some e-mails and this person said they’re interest in a call, determine the minimum action before you make the call. Often times we’ll talk to people and we’ll talk to them again and just keep going around the block and you don’t want to do that either. You want to agree, especially if you’re spending time on the phone, you know we’ll meet tonight on the webinar.

That’s the action that you’re going for, it’s measurable, it’re going to meet on this call at this webinar and if they don’t show up..I’m not saying you should blow them off, but find out why. If they don’t have a good excuse just move on. In other words there are incremental steps that grow a relationship and their interest in the business and if they don’t, don’t waste your time going around the block with the same people over and over again.

You are better off spending your time developing more lead sources and talking to more people which involves marketing. We’re not talking about the front end of marketing we’re talking about people you have in your sales funnel. They become aware. They’re considering their selection. Helping them through this time line process, and again that pool of people will shrink, which is natural that they’ll do that.

Again the mlm coaching tip for today is Determine the minimum action- BEFORE you make the call. Now there does come a day where they finally join your business, again at the level that you what them too. Okay it’s time! There is a time for that but too expect that right away, which is what most network marketers do, is unrealistic. it comes off unprofessional and doesn’t cooperate with the normal though process.

That is the mlm coaching tip for today, thank you for joining me. This is Coach Curt and you can catch up with series up above and if you’re interested in what i’m doing in my business feel free to knock around my sites and get my free E-book MLM Mastery and I hope to see you down the road!

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