MLM Tip #5: Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares a great mlm tip on how listening increases your marketing success as you build your business.

MLM Coach Curt


Curt Johnson

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Hello good day everybody, this is Coach Curt Johnson with another MLM tip this 4th of October 2012. The leaves are changing here in the midwest, I’m outside of Chicago about 90 miles. I admit I do miss the tropics, I lived in the South Pacific for a few years and I do miss that, but Fall is beautiful and my favorite season here in Rockford Illinois. Glad you took the time to either come here today or going to be listening to this recording.

Let’s jump in to the series we’re doing today on Consultative Selling. I’m old fashioned, if you what to make a lot of money you have to be good at what you do. That includes our industry of network, affiliate online marketing, especially if you’re wanting to build organizations or teams, it’s just incredibly important to be working on your skill development and that is what this series is about. If you have not gone through these tips yet there is videos of about ten to fifteen minutes each in length on my website.

I’m going to quickly review the previous tips as we move into the training for today. Tip # 1 that we shared is find out what your prospects wants BEFORE you present the solution! Stereotypical, old fashion sales is talk to anybody and everybody and tell them everything that you’ve got. That is bad, find out what they want before you present.

Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide and advisor! As you’re listening to them and you discover what it is they’re trying to accomplish or fix or avoid or bring about in their lives..then you can show the options that you have, including yours. Don’t be afraid of the competition. By doing this,in this way and this process, we call consultative selling, You’re actually making yourself by far the wisest choice for that person because you become their tour guide.

We talked about tip #3 and what we’re striving for is WIN-WIN. What that means for us in our industry again of internet/network/affiliate marketing is just think long term business relationship. The first organization I built into the thousands had a nice fast start bonus and you made a couple hundred bucks, I didn’t care about that. Honestly I didn’t, I was after residual income.

That helps fill your marketing budget I’m not saying I don’t appreciate that I certainly respect two hundred dollars, that’s a lot of money in this day in age but that’s not how to think long term. Think what is this person that I’m talking with want to accomplish in their life and treat them with respect so that you are looking at more of the long term business relationship that you can cultivate with people. That is what will truly give you success in the long run. You might not make as much money in the very short run but you’ll make more money and be able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning doing it that way.

Tip #4 we talked about don’t assume anything! This is really big in our industry. We make the assumption that people what to get rich. We make the assumption that people want to make millions of dollars. We make the assumption that people want to leave their job and so on and so forth. For the most part my experience is that that’s simply not true. There are some people like that and that’s great they can sometimes be really motivated and all that but as far as general averages most people either want to make some extra income to relieve some pressure in their life and pay off some bills or they want to replace their income. But again you can’t even assume that, that is why the consultative approach is so wise.

When you approach a possible costumer, client, or prospect, now we’re getting into and caught up to tip #5 today, Why Am I Here? In other words, why am I writing this e-mail? Why am I bringing someone to this presentation? Why am I mentioning this on the phone? Why am I going to call this person? Whatever action step that you’re going to take its just logical to think okay what do I want to accomplish with this piece? Now the New Conceptual Selling Book, this is chapter 5 and I’m taking a tip from each chapter or more or less taking the wisdom from this book and bringing it into our industry and making it palatable to what we do. New Conceptual Selling was written more for business to business, more high ticket sales, but the wisdom in here crosses boarders. We’re going to take some of that and look at what about our industry and what does that mean for us.

In this book they go through something that’s called superb communication. They talk about the getting of information, the giving of information, and the getting a commitment. Unfortunately in our industry the getting started getting information is really down played. So we do hit that hard here in this series of tips from me on MLM tips. Really become a listener. Find out what it is that people really want when you make that first approach. That could mean off line or on line. Try to take the time to discover what it is “Jill or Joe” want to accomplish in their life. Not just so then they know that you care, obviously that’s important, but also for the most part when you have multiple streams of income, when you have a portfolio of things you can offer them you can detail your presentation to meet their needs with the different things you have available. If you only have one company which we think is a dangerous model, but again that’s taught in our industry..if you only represent one company it’s very hard to do that. In sense then it doesn’t matter how much information you get from them. It would be kind of like the difference if you were a car salesman and you only had one model and one kind of car on your lot and someone comes in and you’re trying to force them into that car. Let’s say you only have a four door Ford, that’s it, only in yellow and only a stick’re really limited then on how you’re going to help the masses. If you have a full array of everything from an SUV to sports cars and on and on and a full lot of selections, then you’re able to help more people as they come through. That’s why there’s strong components of multiple screenings of income, as long as they’re not, you know I wouldn’t want to try and sell a Chevy with Ford, you don’t want two things that are similar, but you can offer people a variety of things to help them move forward in their lives.

Tip # 5 in the consultative selling procures, which goes along with chapter 5 in that book, if you haven’t gotten the book I encourage you to do that. Tip # 5 is Know the Steps You Want Your Prospects to Take! For those that are new to network/affiliate marketing and you haven’t had any training from the old school then you’re actually in a much better place. A lot of what I do as an MLM coach is try to unwind some of the misinformation and bad training people have received. What you want to do when you bring something to your prospect, now that you’ve kind of listened to them and have an idea of what they want to accomplish then with this step what do I want them to do. In the old ways you just gave them all the information, all at once and you didn’t even care. You just wanted them to do something, join my company or this or that. That is part of the reason the old ways haven’t been successful. Once you listen to somebody then you get an idea that okay this person makes sense to lead with the business opportunity with an emphasis on making a few hundred dollars a week. Maybe with this person I have this product that’s really going to help them and once they experience my product I can then begin to emphasize making money and doing business with me or maybe then person three are all in and what to replace a significant income as quickly as they can I can then emphasize the pay plan in this way to show how it can create wealth. These three very different people and if all you do is dump information in cookie cutter you’ll lose all three.

Now with this step you ask what do you want your prospect to do with this step? at the end of this e-mail? coming to this webinar with me? at the end of sending them to my website? Be really specific. Again preparing this to old school ways is that we expect that just after one presentation people say oh this is awesome and we understand and they jump in the pool fully clothed. People don’t work that way! It’s getting more and more like that because skepticism is on a steep increase and rise in our industry and cultures. We need to just take people a step at a time. So in this e-mail, in this phone call, in this webinar, in this follow up, what specifically do I want them to do. I mean very specifically and make that step, maybe not as small as possible, but not the whole enchilada all at once.

One of the tools I use is send out card. beautiful, powerful marketing tool everyone should have. When I’m talking to somebody if they’re already doing something else or whatever and there’s hesitancy or whatever I’ll know going in before talking to that person that I’m not going to try and get them to bite into the whole enchilada and overwhelm them and I’ve already found out maybe they only have ten to fifteen hours a week to work the business because they have a pretty intense life or full time job. So at the end of this conversation my goal then is I want them to try the send out card service and sign up for a gift account. Real simple.

Number two is make it simple, make it clear, make it precise. Make it definable and measurable. Either they sign up for a gift account or they don’t and have it timed specific so when I get done talking with them or communicating even if it via email or instant message or text, just ask know when can you ge this done? So set a time period on it or you’ll end up chasing people. Find out what a person doesn’t do what you agreed upon or in the time frames that you’ve agreed upon and you probably don’t, and again there’s some exceptions, but if there’s a pattern with a prospect or potential customer that they don’t do in the time frames you’re suggesting then just forget it, go on. Working with someone like that in the long term you have to ask yourself if you really want to do that. This is just an example I’m giving, sign up for a gift account, period nothing else nothing more and then do this or then come to this webinar and then this or then that. NO, one thing at a time, piece by piece, simple and straight forward. Know the step, not steps, that you want your prospect to take. personalize the approach, not one size fits all kind of mentality. That’s MLM tip # 5 in the consultative selling tip for today. Thank you for coming and for your time, I hope this makes sense. You can find me at and I do a Tuesday morning series also based off Napolean Hills work, think and grow rich.

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