MLM Tip #2 – Consultative Selling

MLM Coach Curt shares a great mlm tip on how to cooperate with the brains normal decision making process as you build your business.

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Consultative Selling MLM Tip #2

If you prefer to read the mlm tip related to this Consultative Selling video – here is the trasncript:

Hey welcome everybody this is coach Curt with your Thursday morning MLM tip, glad you could join and be with us today.

Every Thursday morning I’ll be sharing a tip to sharpen your skills. I’m old fashioned, the greater your skills..the more money you’ll make.

I love this industry because you can get going with very little money and very little skills and still turn out to be very successful. Those kind of things don’t exist very much anymore in America.

Let’s go ahead and dive into our series of Consultative Selling. If you want to follow along you can get this text book guide, I encourage you to do that, by Miller and Hyman, New Conceptual Selling, we call it consultative selling.

Consultative selling, the tip we showed last week was why your costumers really buy and the infamous we go to buy a drill but what you really want is a hole. It’s really to begin to understand the whole psychology of the sales process.

The mlm tip we shared last week was find out what your prospect wants before you present the solution. so often in this industry we are told to just blab to everybody the infamous, idiotic, talk to everybody. I shouldn’t say its idiotic but there are ways to do it professionally and effectively and just to start spouting out things without engaging in a conversation and find if the person has any real needs is quite silly actually.

We’re going to dive into mlm tip # 2 today and how your costumers make buying decisions. This might seem obvious, but as I’ve studied it it’s helped me so much come along side people and bring them into business.

Unless you walk with someone for awhile they’re not likely going to go where you want them to go. The psychology of sales is so important to understand. Part of that is just recognizing the fact that traditional sales goes against the natural thought process.

In other words, when you begin to pitch your deal and you try to force your solution on someone who has not really figured out what it is that they’re looking for or what their options are and just go right to the solution your going against the way the brain works in terms of making decisions, including buying decisions.


Here is how it’s supposed to work. This is how the human brain operates. First of all we have a felt need, there’s something we want to accomplish, there’s something we want to fix, there’s something we want to avoid.

Our brain goes to work and that’s why the quality of good questions is so important. So how can I get through this? How can I change this? How can I get healthy? How can I pay my bills? Whatever the issue is right in front of us to help us move forward.

First of all the brain begins to think ok I have an issue begins to formulate in our minds the condition of which we’re trying to fix. Now for us who are in network or affiliate marketing we have answers for people. Sometimes our answers are financial, sometimes our answered are help or both or shopping.

I love our industry and what we do, but then what happens to the brain is it starts asking what are my options, that’s called the second part. FIrst we need to understand the situation then we begin to generate options which is called divergent thinking.

Okay well I could do this or get a second job, borrow money, I could make some more income, start a home business, what kind of home business? Our brain goes all over the place, beginning to generate the option that we want to consider. I’ll get to why this is important to us in a minute.

Then once we feel we have a handle on that then we can begin the convergent thinking process, which is okay let’s narrow down my options. Why is this important?

The reason I think this is so important is often times we begging to present our solutions, the companies that we love or the products that we use way too early in the persons process. They’re still trying to get a handle on their issues and are not ready to hear a solution. Most people that we talk to, that we engage with, most of them, that i’ve discovered here is that they are in their option phase.

Now if you get someone who doesn’t even understand they have a problem you have a long way to go before they join your business or buy your product. If you sell it too soon there will be buyers’ remorse.

The divergent part is…” What are all of my options?”

Well there’s this option. What I try to do is recognize where someone is in this process and help them explore their options. I’ll even let them know about other option that I know might even be my competition. Here, you can do this, you can do this, or yes there’s another company or products that are like us.. this is their strengths and their weaknesses and here’s our strengths.

… and this is why I’m doing it because I am biased – I think ours is better but here’s what other people have to say. In other words what happens is you enter into their process, their decision making process. Then, as you help them narrow down their options, they’re going to select the best.

This is where you have a huge advantage as a network marketer that most don’t. What you have done here is come along side and become a guide, a source, a help. You’re not just a person trying to force your solution even if they don’t think they have a problem or they haven’t considered their options, that’s what most salesmen do. I’ve got the solution and I’m going to force it through against the natural thought process.

I’ve had a lot of success, I’ve recruited hundreds of people in my career here and it’s because I’ve learned to cooperate with the process. I might not close that sale today but I’ll close a lot more sales in the long run, I’ll bring a lot more people into my company if I cooperate with human nature and how it’s designed.

I come along side as the solutions begin to narrow down they’re weighing the pros and cons of each decision and the pro of working with you, because you’re helping them, is a huge factor in this internet age. Let’s say they boil it down to two potential home business opportunities.

There’s two and this one they studied all on their own but you helped them all along the way, even if they, in their mind think well this product might be a little better or this pay plan is a little bit better..but you helping them is going to be a huge factor and they’re going to choose you, even if you didn’t totally prove your op or your affiliate program or your product or services is better.

They’re going to choose you because of YOU!

Amazing, so here’s the mlm tip; Cooperate with human nature. As people move along this is how costumers make buying decisions the way this was just described in this psychology.

Read your prospects..research, guide and advise. Handle their questions, handle their objections, let them know of other options. If they bring up other options don’t be threatened, say oh yeah I know people in that company it’s really good company.

The way to win this game is not to knock down other companies and say oh they do this or they do that, we’re so much better. That is not a good tactic, most people use that but personally I don’t. It’s not a good tactic, but if I do know absolutely fact about something I’ll just try to share it as factually as I can. Well I do know they changed their pay plan a year ago and most of their reps were really upset. I’m not, from my experience the feedback I’ve gotten, i’m not sure that they are totally devoted to the affiliate model or company and I’m kind of concerned about that. That’s very factual, make sure it’s facts you share with people.

If you treat them with respect, not twisting their arm to make that decision before they’re ready and we’ll share a lot of other options down the road about closing. I’m not against good closing tactics, most people need that extra nudge at the end,

. . . but if you do that nudge too soon, you are cutting off your toes. It’s going to really hurt you in the long run if you don’t understand and cooperate with this process.

That’s the MLM tip for today, thank you for taking your time to listen and sharing this with you. May God bless your efforts as you grow your business and fulfill your dreams.

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