MLM Tip # 18 – Consultative Selling

Hello this is Coach Curt with the final MLM tip in the Consultative Selling series.
This is tip # 18 and this is the text book we have been using The New Conceptual Selling.

We’ve been taking well founded, tried and true tested sales processes with the consult and sell method and applying it to the network marketing industry. I firmly believe that those that make money in the network marketing industry have good skills. Those that prorogate and promote other types of win-win situations I think is borderline basically trying to say play the lottery. Sure, there are a few people that make a lot of money in network marketing that don’t have skills. There are also some people that buy lottery tickets and win, the odds are about the same.
If you want to take this seriously as a professional you’ll need to develop your skills and by doing that you’ll have the superb communication process. You’ll get information from people before give information to people and then you’ll get commitments and cycle that step by step as we’ve gone over in this series. And once someone does either make a purchase, join, or say no you’re not done there either. What this text book calls selling beyond the close and that’s very important too. Once people are in they are going to have a lot of questions.
There is going to be numerous paradigm shifts and lots of strategic orientations that people are going to have to go through. The support and all that is really going to matter and help prevent buyers from remorse by giving a team and a community and support for that person to move forward with and continue to develop their professional skills. If you don’t have that within your network marketing organization that simply all what I call old school stuff like meetings and lunches one at a time and pitch ,pitch, pitch. If you want to up your game you can do that by supplementing by joining some of the communities I’m a part of and be able to travel and get your questions answered.
How do I become a professional network market?
Keep the company the company that you love. No problem with that. There are way to develop multiple streams of income but continue to develop your professionalism and help those that attach themselves to you as costumers but more importantly as business partners, joint reps or your company to really move beyond.
There is what they say a follow through. You’re building your list. Those that say yes are on your team and those that say no are on your follow up list. Your list is one of your most valuable assets. If you keep track of everybody that says no through the years, many times people will come back around and sometimes it’s a month, sometimes it’s a years, and say “Curt what are you doing?” That’s what you want to do is have developed and maintained a list so that you can continue to catch up on them from time to time.
With the advent of the power of social media, linked in, Facebook, Pinterest and on and on that has been made so much easier than it was ten years ago. So follow through and build your list. Those that say yes and those that say no, the whole arena here is called list segmentation. We’ll teach you that within the realm and I can teach you as an MLM coach.
This is the conclusion of the consultative selling series and I want to thank you for your time and for listening to these tips. We teach in the daily marketing coach and my team, the 4×4 Power team. All these tips and skills will help people move forward in their business and develop leads on line in a very professional, ethical and fun way.
We have a lot of fun in our organization and so whatever company you’re with now bring them along and join us on this journey and develop multiple streams of income. We’ll show you how to do that which is very congruent. To go with just one company is a very unsafe and unwise business model and I know that upsets some people but it’s true.
I encourage you to look towards other ways to develop the company you love now in conjunction with and empower you with greater skills and a broader reach of people that really do want you and need your help. This is Coach Curt and thank you for your time and knock around my blog and talk to me and make sure you have received my Ebook and look forward to hopefully having you join us in the journey very soon.

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