MLM Tip # 16 – Consultative Selling

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Hello this is Coach Curt with MLM Tip # 16 in the Consultative Selling Series. We use the New Conceptual Selling book that is applying it to the industry of network marketing. We talked about Superb communication. This lesson tip is about Pre-Call Planning and Rehearsal. In the superb communication process often times people get nervous or unskilled and they just continue to give way too much information and don’t get enough information.
In the Pre-call planning and rehearsal it’s very important first of all to know why you’re calling and what you want to accomplish, when the call is over and good questions to ask to direct the conversation in the right direction. This text book in the New Conceptual Selling is very good and very thorough and it really boils down to who, what, why, when, where and how questions that help the person that you’re trying to get interested in your business, do business for you, make a buying decision with your products or services and engage them. People don’t like to be sold but they do like to make buying decisions and if you can help guide that process in good questions and good planning and then rehearse your call with somebody else.
If are unskilled or have not been on the phone and say Curt I’m not going to get on the phone, I’m not going to do that. If you’re wanting to build an MLM organization or network marketing organization you will need to role play and you will need to be on the phone period. I will say that emphatically, everybody and also the leaders do it. Sorry if I just burst your bubble so the other choice is to quit or say hey you know what I’m going to get paid if I’m going to get paid at a professional level, I need to have professional skills and I need to work on it.
The nice thing about phone skills and talking are quite easy to learn. You don’t have to be a master, you don’t have to be a public spokes person, you just have to be calm and realize you know this call Joe just went to this video or went to this webinar and need to ask him how he felt about it and work towards whether he would be interested in maybe have a trial product or trial membership. Just lead the conversation and close them in that way.
To alleviate your concerns I really encourage you to find a handful of whether it’s an up-line, down-line or team mates that understand the professional consultative selling to role play with so that when you get with a real person or prospect you are much more comfortable. It’s just called practice. That’s one thing again I get on my soap box that I don’t like about the network marketing industry is people think they can be good without practice. You can’t go out on a hockey court or basketball court or into the orchestra and expect to be good if you haven’t practiced, it’s silly. Often times in this industry it is said just grab your violin and if you keep playing you’re going to hit that chord and it’s going to be beautiful. No it’s not. Just go out in the basketball court and eventually you’ll jump in a game and you’ll just knock it out of the park. No You won’t, not if you don’t practice and get your skills critiqued and worked on.
That’s my soap box for today. Role play with a teammate as you work towards pre-planned calling and certainly you must and have to pick up the phone and call people if you want to build a network marketing, mlm organization that will produce the results that you’re looking for in your future, you’re looking for this model to do that. So that’s the mlm tip for today, role play. This is Coach Curt see you next time.

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