MLM Tip # 15 – Consultative Selling

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Hello this is Coach Curt with another MLM tip for consultative selling series. We use the New Consultative Selling text book as our guide – and lets dive right in because we are well into this series now with chapter #15:
Don’t call them objections.

We’ve been going through superb communication. A cycle here of getting information, giving information, and getting a commitment. Again this is the antithesis of the typical cycle of a typical blabbing approach taught in old time schools and unfortunately in the network marketing industries.
Often in that industry too is just talk and hope something sticks to somebody sometime, somewhere. It’s a just a real hope you get lucky. The problem is most people have been approached that way and the chances of getting lucky used to be almost nil and now they’re less than that. So, what you need to do is when you run into objections in your talking to somebody whether it’s online, off line, hopefully you’re talking to somebody that is interested and just trying to pressure them into a sale.
The key is to be able to isolate that objection. Let me show you. First of all if you have an objection what you want to do is say to that person okay Joe let’s set that aside for a second, let’s say they need to get their spouses approval or something, so if your spouse would say okay this is great go ahead you have my blessing everything is good. Is there anything else that would prohibit you coming along and doing this business with me?
Then just pause.
What you are doing is really preselling at that point. If he says well yeah there’s money and then there’s so on, it does two things. Number one it really helps you determine just how serious this person is or is this person just being nice and say no and on and on.
When you isolate that objection, take it as a gift. So here’s something that someone is objecting and then isolate it. You put a kind of like a barrier around it and see if there’s anything else. The other thing it does it really pre-sells them. So let’s say nope if my wife’s on this we’re all good to go and we’ll do it. I’ll say well great, how much time do you need to talk to your wife or husband? They’ll say well give me the weekend I’ll call you Monday or Tuesday. Say that woks, okay.
You go through again the consultative selling process, you’ve now gotten into objection and you have enough information to make a good business decision for themselves and then when you call them either way you have arrived at an answered or without wasting a lot of time or peering unprofessional or actually being unprofessional.
Say “Hey Joe this is Curt what did Mary say?” Mary said go, well great when do you want to go on and I’ll come over blah blah blah. They have already in essence said yes if this happens. If it happens be positively presumptuous and move forward because they said they were going to sign up.
If they say you know what, Mary’s not signing off and saying it’s ok. Well great I understand if I can do anything in that arena and just move forward and leave them alone at that point. You can follow up a few months later and say hey has anything changed it’s been a couple months can I get back to you?
Don’t call them objections. Isolate the objection and revisit it. If you overcome that objection or can help them overcome that objection, than you have basically won that sale. So tip # 15 in this series of Consultative Selling is isolate the objection or objections, you can put a regular around two objections also but I won’t go into all the nuances of that.
Really presell! Isolate and move forward in the consultative selling approach and you will be appreciated that much more as a network marketing professional and not someone that’s pushing and chases people and does it the stereotypical way, which 99% of the people simply do not care for.
This is Coach Curt signing off with this tip # 15 in the consultative selling series. See you next time.

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