MLM Tip # 14 – Consultative Selling

MLM Tip #14

Hello this is Coach Curt with MLM tip # 14 in the consultitive selling series. We’re going to skip going through all the points now, except we will do a summary at the end. I’m going through this book chapter by chapter in The New conceptual Selling.

Chapter 14 is Beyond the Chumming Excercise, what the author tries to stess here is its more than just warm fuzzy feelings, subjective kind of stuff. It’s very important in your superb communication process that you move the sale forward and I couldn’t agree more.
We love network marketing simply because we develop great friendships in the community and what’s better than hanging out with a lot of people that want to improve their lives and their future for their family. It’s just awesome and incredible.
Having said that, when you are prospecting and talking to people about what you have to offer, some people just like the engagement, they like the relationship and attention but they really don’t have any intention to buy or do anything. So it’s so important that you take this serious as a business.
Each engagement that you have with a prospect or a client that you always have something in mind of what to do with them next or ask them to do for you next so that you keep the relationship moving in a positive forward direction.
Now, people will move at different paces, some people’s personalities like to research more and take quick steps and so on and so forth but the bottom line is to spend, even if it’s just five minutes, half hour, whatever and not get any type of commitment out of this person you are wasting your time.
Now I’m sure there are rare exceptions to that rule but even if it’s just coming to another meeting, listen to another video, trying a sample, something that they have to take a tangible action on to help move the experience and their understanding of where you want to take them closer to the mark.


MLM Tip #14 and in this series is get a commitment every time you talk to a prospect.
You might talking to Jill and say “okay Jill you’re going to be on that webinar tonight or big goober is going to explain xyz” yep I’ll be there and then if they’re not there, obviously life happens to people, I’m not talking about being a hard guy, I’m talking about being a serious, pragmatic, move the sale forward kind of person.
Always have a step for them to take. At some point of time their actions will speak much more clearly than their words and whether you’re just wasting your time.
There are plenty of people out there that want what you have and it’s a matter of doing good attraction marketing on line so you’re talking only to the people that actually want to do further research and you help them in that decision making process.
So, mlm tip # 14 GET A COMMITMENT every time you talk to a prospect.

Sometimes we think too quickly and we talked about that early on and expect people to jump in first thing full board, it doesn’t work that way, but what is the next step towards that goal where you have that team mate organization that you want and is moving forward with you.

This is Coach Curt with mlm tips and signing off for today and see you on mlm tip # 15.

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