MLM Tip # 13 – Consultative Selling

MLM Tip on Consultative Selling

Hello,  this is Coach Curt Johnson with another addition of MLM tips.

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MLM Tip on Consultative Selling

MLM coaching tips having to do with consultative selling. MLM tips should always include the importance of consultative selling and the processes and strategies of this whole arena. I love the book The New Conceptual Selling even though it was written for business to business principles, but they are so solid in modern day selling techniques and strategies that really work. So, in your MLM coaching journey be sure to go through this series and learn how to be a great consultative seller.

This is chapter 13 going along with the book the whole process of superb communication. One of the mlm tips that it talks about there is the joint venture approach. The joint venture approach is really important as you move forward in your network marketing or any type of marketing business.

The more you connect up with people the more you’re going to be able to propagate your own business. Try to find as many win-win relationships as you possibly can. You probably already do it to some degree, you might partner with sidelines to do even meetings locally, you might have a website or team within a company..all these things are joint venture approach, a great mlm tip.

Now in my MLM coaching career what I have done through the years is also joint venturing.  This is a picture of me up in Minnesota with Ann Sieg.  She’s a big shot in a good way.  She’s one of the industry leaders in the whole network marketing and to some is considered to be the Godmother of that whole arena.  I’ve joint ventured with her with many projects, (mlm tip)

I happen to work full time for her and absolutely love that but we also do things and have done things through the years even when I wasn’t working for her. We would do projects through the years and I have the privilege of being her first on-line coach but now she knows far more than I and has put together a great corporate team. It’s those kind of relationships.

Now this is Marsha Godwin on the right who I also do joint venturing with her with different projects, even this sight. is a joint venture that we do together. We find win-win strategies that help. She’s very helpful and an expert blogger. I’m not, I’m good on the phone, like talking to people and good at public speaking. We try to play off of our strengths and transform partnerships in a legal sense and move our businesses forward and allow our weaknesses to be covered in some degree by other people.  (Did you catch the mlm tips here?)

When you’re moving forward I really encourage you to get some MLM coaching. Have your coach and your mlm coaching endeavors, you might not even need one on one coaching  but just get the help that you need so you can go out there and pursue those relationships that will help you. Every,every great leader does this. Even if they take the lead and are there, they are the brand that bring strong people alongside them.

My mlm tip for chapter 13 of The New Conceptual Selling is actually another book. Tom Raths  Strengths Finder.  I really love this book. There are many great tools out there that assess individual strengths, but the reason I

like Tom’s is because it’s also a team context. It not only identifies your strengths but will also shows you how to play into a team and a team environment and what type of team or what type of people to work with on your team to make the synergism in your team be the most effective.

So, I really strongly encourage you with this mlm tip to pursue the whole joint adventuring and moving forward with other people and other teams that you can play to your strengths and have your weaknesses covered because you’re  attached to a strong team and able to show off your best parts of how you market, of how you do business and represent yourself.

This has been an mlm tip by Coach Curt and we’ll see you on the next mlm tip on consultative selling!

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