MLM Tip # 12 – Consultative Selling

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Consultative Selling MLM Tip

Hello this is Coach Curt with session number 12 of consultative selling.

If you’re in mlm you are in sales regardless of what you’ve been told. Don’t let those stereotypical images come in your mind and ruin it for you because selling is actually a really great profession. It’s helping people make decisions that will better their life.
Part of the wisdom that we’ve been teaching here is consultative selling. It’s not pushy or hype, it’s really being a consultant to someone that is looking for ways to make money in their life. The New Conceptual Selling text book is what we’ve been using and we’re on lesson # 12 today – Differentiation.
This is the graphic for superb communication. It’s a process of getting information, giving information and getting a commitment. It all just goes round and round and round. Again it’s not endless chasing or mindless wandering or unintentional strategies, but having a plan and working your plan to expose your business to people and bring them in and have them work with you.
To do that you need to be having a unique selling proposition, a USP. Unique Selling Proposition. What does that mean?
Well if you’re in..I’m going to use health and nutrition because it’s a common industry within the network marketing industry where agents do promote a holistic health, good nutrition and those kind of things. You’re not only competing against a lot of other nutrition companies, what many representatives of the company, you might be in a great company and there’s lots of them..There’s Usana, Herbal Life, there’s lots of great companies in our industry.
You’re not only competing against them, you’re competing against representatives within your own company. Many reps need to wake up to that fact.
Probably your company teaches you to promote what they have and don’t even mention that you have to distinguish yourself. That’s a huge error in the whole process. You yourself need to stand out as very unique. You might have a special seven step plan to lose weight, you might have a special in on weight building and building mass, you might have a special in on those who have gone through a change of life, menopause.
Somewhere in the whole process discovering and honing a unique selling proposition is way beyond the scope of this training. Having said that it’s absolutely imperative, if all you are is just a rep for your company, you will not succeed.
This is the bottom line truth.
I would love for someone to call me and say Curt you’re wrong. That’s all I did is just tell people how wonderful the company is, first of all you’re a rare, rare bird if you are successful and number two is you’re probably employing gifts and talents that you have that you don’t even realize in order to fool your success and move you forward.
I really encourage you to get this book and tap into have a clear, unique selling proposition. As the director of coaching and training towards the company I can show you how to do that, regardless of what company you are in. If you’re still looking for a company, obviously you can talk to me about that also.
So that is the MLM tip for today…distinguish yourself, differentiate yourself, have a unique selling proposition and you can find further training on my blog here at in that regard. Go find it, discover, lead with your strengths and enjoy the fact that you are in a sales profession with incredible potential to change peoples lives.

Have a nice day!

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