MLM Tip # 11 – Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling Tip #1. MLM Coach Curt finishes this series on Consultative Selling

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Consultative Selling

Welcome back to another addition of MLM Consultative Selling Tips. It’s the 29 of November 2012 and we’re going over the Consultative Selling series. If you haven’t gotten this book or listened to the previous recordings I encourage you to do that. I’ll assume you’ve been tracking with now for the past few lessons and sessions.

Consultative Selling Tip # 1 coming out of this book for network marketers is find out what your prospect wants before you pursue the solution.

Consultative Selling Tip # 2 is be your prospect’s research guide and advisor.

Consultative Selling Tip # 3 is think long term business (residual, relationships, reorders) Don’t go after just the big signing bonuses in your company that’s just gravy to the real thing.

Consultative Selling Tip # 4 is don’t assume anything! We assume too much in this industry as a networker or affiliate marketer just thinking people want to be super rich or have fancy cars. That’s just not true.

Consultative Selling Tip # 5 is know the steps you want your prospects to take. Often times we expect people to take the whole enchilada all at once and that’s just unrealistic.

Consultative Selling Tip # 6 is determine the minimum action BEFORE you make the call. We can require or atlas expect people to make steps forward so we’re not wasting our time with them or their time with us.

Consultative Selling Tip # 7 is practice your voicemail and read your Emails out loud. See if it passes the test. A priority and call to action.

Consultative Selling Tip # 8 is you’re more than just a rep for your company so bring your strengths and assets with you. Those things that have served you well in the past or in other arenas in your life. If you feel you’re weak be sure to use borrowed credibility. I still use borrowed credibility with Ann Sieg. I lean into other people’s credibility to basically embellish my own and you can do the same.

Consultative Selling Tip # 9 is walk along side someone awhile BEFORE you offer advice. Sometimes we’re so quick to dump. A friend of mine called it consConsultative Selling Tipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth. Don’t have that.

Consultative Selling Tip # 10 is always get permission before you proceed. Don’t for someone to say they’re not interested. Ask them where they’re at and if they are interested in various and creative ways to move forward.

Consultative Selling

Chapter eleven of the New Conceptual Selling book is establishing superb communication. Superb communication is about getting information..then giving information and then getting a commitment. It’s more often than not a cycle that happens 3, 4, 6 times before you get a really solid team mate. One thing that is often missing in the process initially or as the cycle repeats themselves as you’re figuring out what your client wants or potential team mate wants is really listening! Really hearing what they have to say.

Getting that information. Often times they’re the ones thinking they have to listen or be quiet or go away.

The Consultative Selling Tip for today that goes along with this really well is simply GOLDEN SILENCE. You read about golden silence in The New Conceptual Selling book and it is a vital technique in consultative selling.

Often times what you what to do is not assume anything, ask sincere questions, we talked about types of questions earlier and then be just really quiet. Wait for a response. For example I might be talking to somebody that said they really did want to changed their life and they seemed really interested, maybe they came to a presentation and talked and now it seems that they’re growing a little bit colder.

Well it’s time to ask a confirmation question. I might say well “Joe” I know you said you need to be replacing your income by the end of the year, has anything changed in that motivation? and then you become silent and listen.

It depends upon the relationship. Golden silence 3, 4 or 5..seems like a long time but let the wheel spin in their brain and get an answer. That is powerful,powerful technique.

Often times I’ve just done the golden silence in the close. Well closing is easy..I’ll say okay “Joe” you know what I can tell you all about surfing but until we jump in the water your really not going to understand it totally at this point I think we’re ready to go. So is there anything else that we need to do before we get you signed up and get you going?…………

Golden silence.

I again often and more often than not people that practiced all the skills, techniques and strategies in this..I say 89% of the time say Yep I’m ready to go! That’s how simple the whole process is when it’s done well.

The Consultative Selling Tip for today again is PRACTICE golden silence. Bite your tongue if you have to. Close your mouth, open your ears. This is a learned skill. It sounds so simple but it’s a learned skill. We become uncomfortable in silence but that uncomfortableness do its work for you and in the other person so that you can help them move forward.

Use golden silence.

I hope that really helps you and practice it, even on your friends or family in conversation. Ask a question and then just really try to be quiet. It’s a power technique that really shows your sincerity in wanting to gather information and hear the other persons mind, heart, and ideas so that you can continue to help them and move them forward.

This is Coach Curt on the 29th of November 2012 signing off.

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