MLM Tip #1 – Consultative Selling

My apologies up front that I go on a bit of rant with the mlm tip.  It just gets me worked up when good people throw common sense out the window.  This mlm tip is so obvious, yet seldom applied by reps.  Let me know what you think…


MLM Tip #1 by MLM Coach Curt

This mlm tip is from a series by mlm coach Curt with the textbook “The New Conceptual Selling.”  This book is filled with effective B2B  (Business to Business) tips, and Coach Curt takes this work and applies its wisdom and gives mlm to tips to network marketing reps.

MLM Coach Curt


Curt Johnson




If you would rather read the transcript than watch the short mlm tip video above . . .

Good morning everybody – its a beautiful Thursday morning here in Rockford Illinois outside of Chicago, about 90 to the West near the Wisconsin border, beautiful time of year heading into football that’s both American and world football knows the rest of the world by the way for those of you who don’t know when you say football they think of soccer.

So anyway welcome, glad you are here, if you have any questions or comments along the way this is very informal this is just I’m going to be sharing skill building mlm tips on Thursday mornings for awhile and they will be recorded and posted both on my site as you see there and then also on Marsha’s training site which we’ll get to that probably Saturday or the next week.

So anyway should be on Marsha’s list and or my list, if you’re no contact either one of us at or at this probably not the list you want Marsha but at least though I’d get the information out.

Okay so let’s go ahead and get rolling, the tip for 30 August 2012 and we’re going to take a look at again as promised last week if you the introduction to this series conceptual selling book just encourage you to go out and buy this and follow along.

I’m old fashioned if you want to make more money you’ve got to be more skilled, this is a business to business conceptual selling I call it consultative selling book, it’s very powerful and I’ll take the concepts and principles that I’ve learned in here that have helped me enroll and recruit hundred of associates, members, affiliates, or whatever you want to call them through the years and I give the concepts in this book a lot of the credit for that.

It’s just been a real joy to be able find a text book to work off of and head in that direction. What we want to discuss today though is why your costumers really buy and highlight some of the errors that is traditionally taught in network marketing and some of the wisdom of truly understanding the framework of where your costumers are at.

Now you can replace costumers with anything: clients, potential teammates, anybody that in anyway shape or form, whether a costumer or team mate that you’re wanting to bring into your business in one way, shape or form.

What is it that they’re thinking and feeling, why do they actually engage with you?

Often times the mistake we make is we assume things that are presumptuous and on and on. The illustration that I really like as we dive into this is I think Perry Marshall gets credit for. This is a drill, the actual drill I use around the house all the time, like a battery there’s different kinds. People buy for their own reasons, not yours, That’s a quote from the book.

I want to point out some common MLM mistakes. The first mistake is thinking everybody wants your product or your service or be on your team, it’s not true. If someone’s not thirsty they don’t care for your water, if someone’s not hungry they don’t care if you have a cheeseburger. Lots of people don’t care about making extra money, they may say they’d like more money but that’s a totally different story.

Most of the people in America don’t want to make more money, now what I mean by that is they want to gripe about their boss and have them give them a raise, they don’t want to take the initiative and the work to increase their income, they don’t want to give up Monday night football or their soap opera shows in the evening.

I don’t even have a television in my house, which is a little misleading because in my sons apartment, which is right next to mine, we watch football sometimes. They don’t want to do that. Part of it is you have to realize the percentage of people that are on the entrepreneurial wire that are willing to make the commitment and sacrifices to build their own businesses are actually a small group of people.

It’s good to discover that before, this is the key, before you waste your time giving presentations to people who aren’t hungry. It would be like selling hamburgers to people walking out of the biggest buffet in your town, and you’re outside selling hamburgers, it just doesn’t make any sense.

That is a common MLM mistake and another common MLM mistake is that you try to sell, I don’t know I’ve traveled the world and have eaten in many different cultures, as long as I’m on the food theme I’ll stay on that, it’d be like trying to sell a specialty in the Philippines, my mind just went blank but it’s actually a duck embryo, I don’t mean to gross anybody out, if you have a queasy stomach you might what to shut me out now, but it’s a egg that’s still in the egg that’s a delicacy that’s like the best food you could buy here and it’s wonderful.

If there’s any Filipinos listening to this please I love the Philippines, I’ve been there many times, I love the Filipino people, it’s just a cultural diet American taste here that I’m talking about. So it would be like trying to sell those to someone coming out of a buffet, they’re full so it would be totally unrelated. That’s what MLM industry does for the most part by one size fits all presentations.

We give presentations about our businesses or about our money making opportunities and usually it’s one size fits all and usually the size we fit it too, even though we have no idea first of all if that person is even interested in being an entrepreneur and number two we assume usually in these presentations that they want to make a lot of money, I mean millions of dollars, hundreds and thousands of dollars and so we have this one size fits all presentation, how you can fly to the moon and back and we don’t realize that most people aren’t there.

So we give this one size fits all presentation rather than discovering first what is it that this person wants, are they willing to put some effort into business, and then how much money are they needing or looking to make, do they like their job, some people love their job, they don’t want to leave their job and so again we assume all the wrong things and then try to get them to buy this embryonic duck and say it’s really good and they’re going you got to be kidding me. We come from a culture that we understand some of this stuff, but we’re presenting our embryonic duck to people that think we’re just really strange.

As other cultures can be strange, network marketing industry can be strange once you’re saturated in it because you go against common sense societal paradigms when you’re trying to grow your business, so that’s what this series is about.

I have to tell you a story about my daughter. My daughter Heidi, this is probably about ten years ago, came home one night, she just graduated from esthetician school, that’s a skincare thing, she got licensed and said “Dad I think someone wants to hire me” and I said well tell me about it, she said a mom of my friend was telling me about this company and I said

“Oh Heidi you’ve just been prospected.”

Someone heard about your esthetician and they have a network marketing company and I’m 99% sure they have a network marketing company and they want to show you about their network marketing company, which I think is fine, I love network marketing, I said let me go with you.

Heidi calls and said can my dad come with, and of course they don’t know who I was, and so we showed up at this ladies house and she was, and probably still is, a very successful business women.

She owned a company with many employees and this beautiful property, probably half a million dollar house in Rockford and that is really a nice house. We walked into the living room and sat down and I said to her, now listen I only have an hour and so we sat down and the context is she knew that my daughter Heidi had just graduated from esthetician school, she knew that, very gifted and entrepreneurial women, incredible.

She sat down, with her company, it’s a good company, nothing wrong with the company, but their marketing if this is what they taught this lady was ridiculous and she, sometimes I think we just don’t think, so we’re sitting here and she dives into her laptop presentation…

about healthcare,

about nutrition,

about ten minutes goes by,

twenty minutes goes by,

thirty minutes goes by,
rarely asking a question or getting dialogue while going, forty five minutes goes by,

not exaggerating, fifty five minutes goes by . . .

talking about how to basically help baby boomers with their health … which my daughter is totally uninterested in.

I finally interrupted and said is there any skincare line here, and she said “oh yeah we just added a skin care line here” showed me two slides and we left. We drove away and I gave my daughter some life lessons about that, but more than anything, absolutely flabbergasted that this woman could be so idiotic. She had a brain fart I mean the things that she’s applied in real life and then she enters into network marketing world and just is stupid.

My exhortation to you is don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid! Find out first of all, and she did that, at least I thought she did, what it is the person that you’re talking to is wanting and needing out of life before you waste your time.

If you talk to someone and just have a little bit of a conversation, you can do this off line, you can do this online and there’s ways to do it both. As you interface them and get some information you can say oh you know blah blah I just love my job, things are good blah blah blah. Don’t waste your time.

On the other hand I guess it’s an advantage our economy is in a state more and more people think it’s a perfect time to be in a entrepreneurial world and online world especially because the internet has changed how we think, process information and make decisions. We will share some of those tips as we go through and again it’s so important that we throw out the common MLM paradigms and mistakes and begin to really be a thinking entrepreneurial as we move forward.

Here’s tip number one, the drill there what we do is we talk about our drill, we bring out this drill, we can go back to that picture if you want, and I can say hey Joe did you see my new drill, it’s Ryobi and the battery has x amount of life, it has 24000 rpm and it fits this and has that, and I just ramble about my drill..well here’s the point, Joe isn’t in the market for a drill, even if he is in the market for a drill, he’s not looking for a drill, what he’s looking for is a hole.

I think Perry Marshall is the one who gets credit for that. People aren’t buying a drill, they’re not buying your opportunity,

they don’t care initially about your pay plan,

they don’t care about all the nuances and how long the company president has walked on water, they don’t care about anything like that,

they don’t care!
They’re looking for a hole.

How do I fix this? How do I get a hole here? That is what you talk about. That is their need, what they want. Most of the people I’ve talked to through the years aren’t looking to make millions of dollars.

They are looking to make a few extra hundred dollars a month or they’re looking to make a few thousand a month to get out of their job. That is a much more common scenario. So if I talk about the millions, if I talk about the .01% of my company that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars, it means nothing to them.

Find out, here’s the tip, what your prospects want before you present the solution,

then like Heidi’s mother’s friend should done, then you frame your presentation, frame your conversation to that person around their felt need. What this lady should have done is thrown out the old presentation and got whatever material she had about skincare and spend the first half hour talking to Heidi about skincare, what her school’s like, what kind of products they use, and then say oh this would be so wonderful, now our company is mostly a health company, but we would love to have someone like you on board, the horizon is big , are you interested in full time work?

It’s dialogue, what you need, can what you have to offer fit what they’re looking for? and if you can’t, which is sometimes the case, you build authenticity and respect and say you know what I have is maybe not a good fit for you.

What I’m moving forward with is I know isn’t going to appeal to some people, which is totally okay with me.

What I’ll be moving into and sharing at another time. I’m going to be more upfront and say if you’re looking to make a six figure income in six months, this alone is not going to do this for you. It’s the bottom line truth.

What I’m referring to and I’m going to close with this, is if you’re interested Ann Karlberg, Curt Johnson, Marsha Godwin, all promised you that we were going to be doing we would fill you in on.

If you’re interested then this is what I’m doing on Tuesday, September 4th at 7:30 pm CT. If you’re listening to this recording and its post facto now get a hold of me and I’ll get you the recording of this or fill you in on what it’s about. If you what to register for this I’ll be sending some e-mails it’s just, by the way I’ll train sometime on this how to use short urls in your marketing tracking. That’s it, thank you for coming!

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