MLM Team Work

mlm team work

MLM Team work is a lot like sky diving.  In the summer of 1978 while attending the United States Air Force Academy I earned the privilege of learning sky diving at USAFA.  There were many skills and disciplines to learn.  At that time it was the only jump school in the nation that allowed free fall jumps the very first jump (no static line.)

Like MLM Team Work, although you jump out of your comfort zone, it was a significant team effort.  From the training, to the procedures, to the safety measures, to the debriefing, etc, etc – it was all about team work.  MLM Team Work is just as essesntial.

So many MLMers are given grossly inadequate marketing training and expected to “jump.”

Even with the best training in the world, I managed to break my collar bone on the first jump.  I didn’t tell anyone and completed my 5 jumps to earn my wings though.

Most mlmers quit before they start because they don’t understand that perserverance and skill building empowered by MLM Team Work is going to be needed for success.

MLM Team Work

What does MLM Team Work look like?  At first about 80% of your time should be devoted to learning the skills of marketing (copywriting, giving presentations, phone, closing, etc.)  As time progresses that learning curve can be reduced – but the pace of change in MLM in this internet age requires ongoing education.

As Director of Coaching for the most up to date training organization in the industry today, I encourage you to supplement the training your company gives you to gain a competitive edge in the market place.  If you MLM Team Work only includes one source, your company’s material, you will lose out in the open market.  MLM Team Work.  Click on this link and begin the journey of MLM Team Work with one of the best trainers in the industry, Marsha Godwin


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