MLM Online

MLM OnlineIf you are thinking of doing mlm online there are a couple things you need to know right away.

#1.  Your company most likely will NOT let you promote your mlm online in a direct way.

There are many reasons for this including your company needs to protect its brand and keep itself free from a handful of ignorant reps that can ruin your company for everyone.

#2.  Their is a common misconception that MLMers have as they run out of people to talk to that they can bring their mlm online because there are more people online.

The faulty logic here is that common (but outdated) way of presenting your products with your opportunity to anyone and everyone – doesn’t work offline – AND it doesn’t work online either!  There are many reasons for this also.

The first steps in finding prospects online is to learn how to bring value to the market place.  Your are more than just a rep for your company, and it is essential to work your mlm online that you learn how to market YOU.

MLM Online

There are 5 video trainings that I do that speak to this mlm online strategy in this category:

#1. The Paradigm Shift

#2. 17 Practical Tips

#3. Testimonials

#4. Metamorphosis

#5. Story Telling

These videos will give you the proper perspective and mindset for your mlm online work.  If you don’t have the right strategy and understand how the mlm online world works, best case is you will simply be wasting your time like you were chasing family and friends, and worst case is you will be expelled from your company for violating policy.

Bringing your mlm online to generate leads and interest takes time and training.  It is on part of an effective mlm system.


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