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MLM Leader

What does it take to be a leader?
There’s a culture of network marketing that you can cooperate and thrive with. Next question, some of you are too chicken to write answers down because you’re afraid to be wrong. One of the ways to grow is to be willing to be wrong. To be willing to look foolish and make mistakes.
I’ve made more mistakes than most of you.
That’s okay I’m willing to make more.
What does it take? Leadership. What you really want if you’re going to help people, you’re going to lead people.
There are many qualities in leadership that are very important. Write some of them down..what does it take to be a mlm leader? There’s no right or wrong answers, but what does it take to be a leader? Write something down.
Is it character?
Is charisma?
communication skills?
What does it take to be a mlm leader?

MLM Leader

For those of you who wrote something down now, what I’m going to say is techniquely there’s only one correct answer…who wants to take a chance here and grow and stretch? “Be wrong part of the time?” Good answer..
“Influence?” Great answer but not the right one.
“Learn the polls?” Exactly great answer but not the right one.
“Desire to help others?” Incredibly important but not the right one.
“Commitment?” Super.
“How about followers?” Yay she got it right. There’s only one answer …Followers.
What does it take to be a mlm leader? Followers! You can be a good mlm leader or a bad mlm leader, we have some idiotic mlm leaders in liberal international, sorry! I’ve talked to people or reps that call me because they find me on the internet and whoever is training them are idiots.
So we got idiotic, but they’re mlm leaders! You know why they’re leaders? why people follow them?
Because they understand the culture of network marketing. They’re empowering people and saying come follow me and be apart of something with me. They have charisma..maybe they even care but they’re not good mlm leaders. They don’t do their homework, they don’t have ethical standards in what it takes to be a good leader.
But to be a mlm leader all it takes is to have followers. Can you stand up and say come follow me? I got the goods, come follow me. Let’s go change the world, let’s do something that matters.

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