MLM Help – Tip #5 to the Top of MLM

MLM Help – Tip #5

MLM Coach shares Tips – 5 from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

MLM Help

MLM Coach Curt shares tips and strategies about climbing to the top of your mlm company while climbing to the top of Mount Manganui in New Zealand.

Take the time to enjoy all 12 videos and tips as we climb together! Life is a journey – lets enjoy it…

If you would rather read this transcript about mlm help with mlm Coach Curt than watch the video of beautiful New Zealand – here it is:


MLM help Tip #5


Hey this is mlm help video number five on tips to the top. Welcome back to New Zealand. We are climbing Mount Maunganui, this is Coach Curt and it’s good to see you again.

The first time I tried to climb this mount I didn’t make it. I walked too fast at first, I didn’t even make it a third of the way up. We are not even a quarter of the way up yet.

The mlm help point I want to make today is how climbing this mount compares to an analogy of building your business. The fact is you have to be in consistent action. In the last video we talked about doing the things you enjoy and being accountable to someone in that. I hope you picked your accountability partner/partners in building your business.

Now you’ve got to determine the things you are going to do to build your business. You’re going to have to spend a certain amount of hours creating activity that will bring prospects to you. We teach you how to do that.

You’re going to need to then spend a certain amount of time on the phone, both with people you want to sell product too or people you want to build your business with. It’s teamwork, you have to create camaraderie and community to build you business.

These things take time and they take skills. Today get through your mind and heart it takes consistent mlm help action. One step in front of another. Many times as I’m climbing this mount I’m saying in my head one step, one step at a time.

Your STP assignment for video, your strategic, tangible, and practical mlm help assignment is what are the activities you are going to do to build your business?

I promised you that shuffling through Emails and looking through the internet and running around hotel meetings isn’t going to do it. A high 97% failure rate for those that try that track.  There are things that you can do! What are you going to do? We have things that are available to help if you don’t know and you can Email me at

So we’re taking consistent action here today and you can tell I’m getting a little out of breath, signing off from here in New Zealand with another mlm help video.

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MLM Help: MLM Coach Curt at the Top

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