MLM Help – Tip #3 to the Top of MLM

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MLM Help

MLM Help: Coach Curt shares tips and strategies about climbing to the top of your mlm company while climbing to the top of Mount Manganui in New Zealand.

Take the time to enjoy all 12 videos and tips as we climb together! Life is a journey – lets enjoy it…

If you would rather read this transcript about mlm help with mlm Coach Curt than watch the video of beautiful New Zealand – here it is:

MLM Help

MLM Help Tip #3

Hey welcome back to mlm help video number 3, mlm help tip number 3 here in New Zealand.

You’re looking at mount Maunganui and we’re going to climb to the top and share some mlm help along the way. I don’t know how well the video captures it but from this angle it looks pretty daunting, it’s a steep climb and it takes awhile. If you’re thinking about how am I going to go about building a home business? How am I going to go about building my network marketing company? I assure you I have been to the top already and there’s wisdom and teaching strategies and mlm help insights that will help you along the way. That’s why we’ve shared with you some strategic and practical mlm help tips along the way so that you can make it to the top!

Your STP for today is to plot out a map..How am I going to get from here to there? I wouldn’t want to just take off and go up the Mount, my daughter did that one day to try and find me and ran smack dab into a fence and had to come back. That’s what happens to many network marketers.

They really don’t have a plan of action. You need a map. You need a course, at least to start out with and I’ll share with you some mlm help tips along the way. If that deviates or you have to change plans along the way..but you need to start with a plan. Maybe you’ve been lied too. Oh if you join this company it’s easy money anybody can do it and this and that. That’s a bunch of nonsense! Don’t believe that, your hearts telling you it’s not true.

What you need is a map. You need some kind of signage, some kind of mlm help and wisdom. Here is the mount from a aerial view and it shows you how to get to the top and variations. Not every way is the same. That’s okay, not every way has to be. But you need a start out plan of how to get from A-Z.

Here is where we shot the other video. We were standing right here and now we’re going to head up the mountain. There will be choices to make and things to learn and do as we go up. I am looking forward to sharing your strategic, tangible and mlm help practical assignments. your STP.

This video is what is what is going to be your map. How are you going to get from A-Z? You can always ask me questions and Email me at What’s your map? What plan are you going to follow? And then we’re going to head up this mountain and have some fun along the way. See you next mlm help time!

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MLM Help to the Top


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