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MLM Help

MLM Coach Curt shares tips and strategies about climbing to the top of your mlm company while climbing to the top of Mount Manganui in New Zealand.

Take the time to enjoy all 12 mlm help videos and tips as we climb together! Life is a journey – lets enjoy it…

If you would rather read this transcript about mlm help with mlm Coach Curt than watch the video of beautiful New Zealand – here it is:

MLM Help

Hey welcome to the top of Mount Manganui for another mlm help tip. Guess what met us up here?

A rainbow!

Will there be a rainbow at the top of your mountain? I can’t promise that but we made it to the top and what a view it is here in New Zealand. You can see down there the huddled masses. It takes a unique kind of person to get to the top. Not everybody can or wants to do this, but it is so worth it!

There are two sides to this mount. You can see one side now and I’m going to show you the second side in another mlm help video. Just like there’s two sides to network marketing to make it to the top.

There’s the aspect you have to be good at sales skills and talking on the phone and relating to people and you have to be good at marketing.

We’re going to talk about sales for just a second here as an mlm help area. You know to make a good income you have to be really good at what you do.

To make a professional executive income you have to be a professional and have executive level skills. Nobody gets to the top by luck. I shouldn’t say that because there are some people who get lucky.

Lottery ticket winners are lucky – but they can’t repeat it.

They don’t know what they’re doing and they can’t bring anyone with them. You can make it to the top and bring people with you if you develop your sale skills so that you know how to talk to people, get over phone fear, and learn what the consultative approach is as you build your business with your prospects and your teammates. We want to see you at the top,

Have a blessed day! Look for you at our next mlm help video.

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MLM Help: MLM Coach Curt at the Top


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