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MLM Help – New Way In, Old Way Out!

You have had success in some old models of network marketing or direct selling. I don’t need to tell you that day of success in marketing by chasing family and friends is long over, and maybe – in part – that is why you are reading this. MLM help is here to show you that no matter how much activity, busyness, or hype you can muster up for yourself, or stir up in your organization with a new “deal,” it just doesn’t fly anymore.

MLM Help – Why doesn’t it fly anymore?
#1. The competition has greatly multiplied. When new companies were being started around the turn of the century and the few years following, there weren’t that many options. So when a new company split off, the pool of those interested was fairly large.
That simply isn’t the case anymore. There are literally thousands of network or affiliate companies now to choose from. In that light your new deal really isn’t that special – regardless of what your company or upline tells you. Ouch.

#2. The internet has changed our society and MLM Help is here to do exactly that, help! It wasn’t that long ago that you could take a friend to a hotel meeting or show them a brochure and they would have the choice to believe or not, and thus do business with you. That doesn’t work anymore as a professional building strategy.
Almost everyone looking to engage in business goes to the internet and does research. Bringing a big shot to town means nothing if your friend can go to the internet and get the full story!

#3. Selling is out. Education and choosing is in. The old paradigms of selling are not only outdated, they are rejected vehemently by the average person in society now – that applies to every industry, not just network or affiliate marketing. Today you will rarely find the stereotypical used car salesman even on a used car lot!

#4. Most of Society is “Vaccinated” against an opportunity pitch.

What is a vaccination?

It is giving just a little bit of a virus in a weakened form so that your body will build up resistance against that form of sickness.
Maybe 10 or 20 years ago you could talk to people that hadn’t tried a business opportunity, not anymore. Everyone has been vaccinated.
Even if you truly have the best thing since sliced bread, they don‟t want to hear about it.
MLM Help-The Daze of the Internet
Unfortunately, the busyness continues. And not just the old school mlmers. Even the ones trying to build a home business using the internet fall into the busyness trap.
Georgette plunks herself in front of her computer. She sits there for 2 – 3 hours thinking she has been “working” her business. What she doesn’t know is that “pitching” online is just as ineffective as pitching offline, regardless of how savvy she has been told the system is.
After Georgette spends time looking at the company web site, checking out her genealogy reports, sending some emails to people she doesn’t know
letting them know about this great new product or deal, all of sudden 2 or
3 hours have passed as she has also worked in a few personal emails and chased down a few stories on the internet.
She thinks she has worked her business, but she has only been engaged in unproductive busyness. She will after a few weeks or months, thinking she has put many hours into her new business, decide “it” doesn’t work. Self Deception. The “it” is her. She has not worked effectively or intelligently, only been busy. This may be coming across harsh, and I do apologize for that, but the awakening from self-deception is not always pretty. I’ve listened to scenario after sad scenario from my coach‟s seat and come to the observations that most people are busy, but not with business. There are more MLM helping tips in my MLM Mastery ebook, thank you for reading!

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