MLM Help – Marketing Mastery


MLM Help – Marketing Mastery

In this Section, Section II, we will look at the bare essential strategies and skills to find success. We want to turn upside down most of what you may have heard or believed about having or marketing a home or small business. Know-How and skills are required for effectiveness. To be an effective marketer, at a minimum you must grasp these areas:
Attraction Marketing.
YOU. S. P. Target Market
Consultative Selling
Multiple Streams of Income
As much as I love and have made major investments of time and money into my own personal growth, that alone is NOT enough.
You can be the most motivated, balanced, and “together” person – but if you don’t have REAL marketing skills that can be used in the market place, you will not find success.
All of us have innate worth, talents, and value – BUT if you do not know how to “sell” those, you will remain poor.

MLM Help – Attraction Marketing

It was a phone call that would not only effect my business in a significant way, but also be a juncture that effected my strategies from that point forward.
It was early in the days of using the internet to do marketing, but Bob had found me on the internet. (I had no idea even what “SEO” or “keyword” meant.) He was looking at other marketing companies having become dissatisfied with the one he was in.
Bob was not your typical representative just jumping from company to company trying to find greener pastures, and unwilling to look at his own shortcomings for any lack of success. Bob was actually very successful in his current company, and was looking to leave that company and income!
We hit it off well, and after doing the math, it was obvious he could make a lot more money with my company with the same effort he had applied in his current company. What I didn’t know at the time was . . .
He was interviewing ME!
Bob was smart enough to know that his associations would make a major impact on his success in our company. (We will unpack the piece of associations more in a later chapter.)
What was dawning on me as we had further conversations is that Bob was attracted to me as a successful team leader. Although it was early in the days of internet marketing, he had found some stuff I had put up on the internet regarding the company I was with. I was stumbling into attraction marketing! Even though I wasn’t intentional in my marketing material, I knew that people choose people to work with first and foremost, so I included biography stuff about myself – which was rare in internet marketing back then.
Bob was actually doing something that was incredibly savvy – even though it was (and still is in some circles) frowned upon in the network marketing industry. He was “sponsor shopping!”
By attracting Bob to me, and then using the raw elements of the consultative selling process, I brought Bob into my organization. He was one of the key leaders and trainers on our team that led me to the highest levels in that company.

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