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Consultative Selling, unlike the stereotypical models of selling, teaches a salesperson the skills of leading someone down the natural path of the decision making process.
It is “consultative” because of the role of the salesperson is primarily a role of offering the information, and answering the questions that a person needs answered to make a purchasing decision. It is “selling” because the salesperson guides the person through a natural process which results in a decision. It does not involve pressure or leading someone where they do not want to go.

MLM Help – Jump for JOY

When we lived in Hawaii for 18 months, we enjoyed the North Shore beaches. One of those beaches had huge rock formations where you could jump off into the crashing waves 30 feet below.
In one of our trips there 3 of our daughters were with us, ages 25, 23, and 11. As the 25 and 23 year old jumped off the rock into the waves below, our 11 year old was scared. I couldn’t blame her. We didn’t see any other children jumping, only young adults.
BUT, it was obvious she really wanted to jump. She climbed back down after my other daughters had jumped, but she was very unhappy. We talked with her, and she decided to try again. Nope. Another round found us talking on the beach again.
In our conversation we found she really wanted this, so we gave her several points of motivation to encourage her. On the third round, I waited in the waves below until she finally jumped. She was sooooooo happy. We used the consultative approach to “sell” her into making the plunge.
It was what she wanted. Did the conversations we have put pressure on? Probably, but we were not pressuring her to do anything she didn’t want to.
There was also a time factor. We had to leave the beach that afternoon. If she didn’t complete the jump by then, she would simply miss out.
Consultative Selling must be a foundational element for anyone in business in these days. It is the skill of great communication – but with a purpose; bringing interested people to a decision. That decision can be “No,” or not even involve money, but a decision.

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