MLM Help – Business or Busyness?

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The Daze of the Internet
Unfortunately, the busyness continues. And not just the old school mlmers. Even the ones trying to build a home business using the internet fall into the busyness trap.
Georgette plunks herself in front of her computer. She sits there for 2 – 3 hours thinking she has been “working” her business. What she doesn’t know is that “pitching” online is just as ineffective as pitching offline, regardless of how savvy she has been told the system is.
After Georgette spends time looking at the company web site, checking out her genealogy reports, sending some emails to people she doesn’t know letting them know about this great new product or deal, all of sudden 2 or 3 hours have passed as she has also worked in a few personal emails and chased down a few stories on the internet.
She thinks she has worked her business, but she has only been engaged in unproductive busyness.
She will after a few weeks or months, thinking she has put many hours into her new business, decide “it” doesn’t work. Self Deception. The “it” is her. She has not worked effectively or intelligently, only been busy. My MLM help tips discuss further into this issue!

This may be coming across harsh, and I do apologize for that, but the awakening from self-deception is not always pretty. I’ve listened to scenario after sad scenario from my coach’s seat and come to the observations that most people are busy, but not with business.

MLM Help-Why do we stay Busy?

The busyness salves our conscious, or makes us feel better that we are doing something, but way more often than not, it produces a straw hut. It only
adds insult to injury when an upline or mentor tells us that we simply aren’t busy enough building straw houses, and we should start over building another straw hut – “Get Busy!” we are told.
Whatever shape or form your busyness comes in – it must stop!You can’t stop it if you don‟t know it is unproductive.

The first step in what can be this scary path of awareness and productivity is deciding to discover the truth – about yourself and your business activity. Then you can move on to associations, which we will discuss later in this ebook.
Ultimately you get to determine the conclusion of your investigation. No one else can or should tell you what you think is right for you. BUT – have the courage to face facts.
My friend Christopher in the story above was honest with himself, if not others. He knows the vast majority of people he brings into any new deal will not even make their initial investment back. If he can sleep at night making money that way, that is not for me to judge his life.
For me though, it doesn’t fit.
Georgette may decide she likes to surf the web – and do a little bit of business as she does that. Two hours on the computer, which includes 15 minutes of any meaningful business. Business or Busyness. Lets just be honest – with ourselves.

We can come to the conclusion in this scary process that we honestly don’t know if what we are doing is truly productive. Congratulations.
The willingness to admit that in itself can be a HUGE breakthrough in your journey. Being aware.
The internet is changing so fast (thus having huge ripple effects in business and marketing) that what worked even a few months ago may now be waning.
The TRUTH is that any professional marketer must be asking themselves this question on an ongoing basis – Am I doing business or busyness?!?!

It really isn’t that hard to determine what is meaningful and productive activity. You simply look at the results or outcome. Two little pigs learned all their busyness wasn’t really good business.
We are going to look at several other aspects of finding true freedom through results, but if all your energy is being applied to activity that is nothing more than busyness, your motives, goals, and associations really won‟t matter – it will all be blown down by the big bad wolf.

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