MLM Help – Burning Desire

BURNINGMLM Help – Burning Desire

“ANYBODY can WISH for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a BURNING DESIRE for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth.” Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. (For an ebook Coach Curt wrote about Napoleon Hill’s work – go to )
There is no doubt that those who achieve great things in this life have a burning desire for success. Maybe more than any other quality, Napoleon Hill documents this common characteristic in highly successful people.

MLM Help – Motivation

Hill relates a story of a young man that overcame all odds and obstacles to become a partner with Thomas Edison. He includes several other inspiring stories of those with intense passion to see a particular event or goal be fulfilled. Many reject Hill’s work because they think that somehow the desire for money or riches is completely carnal or unredeemable. Let’s take a look at the story of David and Goliath.
One of the reasons that David found the desire to slay Goliath was because of the financial gain! “The king will give great wealth to the man who kills him.”
I Samuel 17:25. David even had the soldiers repeat the offer to make sure he got it right. Now – I don’t think that was David’s highest motive, but it certainly was a part of the mix, and increased his motivation.

The very fact you are reading this MLM Help ebook would indicate there is something burning in your heart. But is your flame big enough?


MLM Help – Wind Will Blow Out a Small Flame.

Wind kindles a strong flame to make it stronger!
Out of the 12 guys in my unit of the squadron I was in, 10 of us entered the USAFA with “serious” girl friend relationships. By the end of our first year, I was the only one still communicating with my gal.
We just celebrated 32 years of marriage.
I guess our flame was big enough not to get blown out by the wind.
Passion can be compared to fire, I am sure that is why Napoleon Hill called it a burning desire. You will experience many things that will try to blow your flame of desire for success or riches out.
I haven’t kept records, but my experience in coaching hundreds of people seems to line up with most of the studies and surveys done on new business start ups – – most will not achieve their goals in business – any business. It is not only in network or affiliate marketing, it is true in any industry with new business start ups.
If you don’t HAVE to make a business work, you probably won’t – unless another reason that motivates you is very compelling.
What do I mean?
Most of us start out with a desire for our business to turn a profit because we need to make money – provide a better future for our family. As noble as this is, if that is our only motivation, my experience in working with hundreds of entrepreneur wanna-bees, is that it won’t be enough to fuel the fire.Usually there needs to be more.

MLM Help – Moving Forward

Even with a burning desire to succeed because you have to, that usually isn’t a strong enough motivating factor to press all the way through to the personal financial freedom. It almost always takes an additional motivation to create the intensity of the heated motivation strong enough to break through.
The list of motivations is long and varied for all of us, but almost always includes a sense of our destiny and purpose – the lofty dreams that unfortunately only a few strive for to help change our part of the world.

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