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MLM Coaching - Phone FearPhone fear is one of the common hurdles that many networkers need to conquer – and a common theme in mlm coaching.

Most of the fear stems from the fact that most marketers do not have the skills they need, and are taught faulty marketing principles like “Everyone is your prospect.”

It is important to get mlm coaching and training, including how to properly position yourself on the phone as an helper, not a salesperson.  This perception in your prospects mind begins early in the marketing process, not when you pick up the phone.  If people truly get the impression you want to help them with a need they have, and you are not chasing them to buy something, they will talk to you – and you will like it!

The most common  denominators of our fear include:

#1.  Rejection

#2.  Not knowing the answer to a question you may be asked

#3.  Not being in control of the conversation (like wanting to get off the phone with a real talker)

MLM Coaching

MLM coaching can go a long way to overcome your fears, and set you up with a proper marketing mindset and funnel, so that when you are on the phone, you are talking to a person as a friend giving advice, NOT trying to get someone to do anything (come to a meeting, buy something, etc.)

The sales and team mates will come as you build credibility and trust.  Phone skills is just one part of building your mlm business.  Grab my ebook that gives a good overview of this in your pursuit of mlm coaching.

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