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Im most of my mlm coaching and training the revelation that you as an independent representative of XYZ company are competing against not just reps from other network marketing companies, but also reps from your own company!  Get mlm coaching to help you establish your “offer.”

What is an offer?

My friend Eric explains it perfectly:

“It’s a blinking neon sign.

That sign says it all…

“Kids Eat For Free Every Thursday and Friday.”

It’s out in front of Bandito Taco, a Mexican food
restaurant a few blocks from home.

That’s what is called an offer.

It’s not the restaurant’s main offering (which is
trading Mexican food for money).

As far as that goes, Bandito is prob’ly the 4th best
(out of a dozen or so) family Mexican food restaurants
nearby my hometown. But every Thursday and Friday
night, the place is jam packed.


They’ve made an appealing offer that prompts parents
like me to take action. And if I don’t, even my 3 year
old will remind me.

Let’s briefly discuss the term “Offer.”

Essentially, it’s a contractual term.

It’s an invitation to enter a relationship.

The relationship is based on a mutual promise.
i.e. I’ll do this for you if you do this for me.

If there’s no acceptance of the offer, there’s no

Eric Walker does mlm coaching in his own right, and is Ann Sieg’s Social Media Director.  I have the privilege in my mlm coaching work to gain from his teaching and wisdom

MLM Coaching

So – if you haven’t yet established your own offer – the value you bring to the market place IN ADDITION to the value that your company brings, you must figure this out to compete.

Start by downloading my ebook.


MLM Coach Curt


Curt Johnson

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