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If you are looking for mlm coaching for business, then you owe it to yourself to do research.

First of all, make sure the coach you are engaging has had success in mlm.  Many mlm coaching platforms offer coaching from those who have no real world success.  That doesn’t make them a bad coach, but will limit their ability to understand and help you through the challenges of building your network marketing company.

Second of all, make sure the coaching model is true “business” mlm coaching.  There are many different coaching models out there, and one of the most popular is the “life coaching” model.  I’ve been trained in this modality, and although it has its place and can be powerful, it isn’t what most serious networkers need when they are looking for mlm coaching.

MLM Coaching for business that is most potent for clients is a strong mix of coaching and consulting.  You need the wisdom and experience of a successful mlm team builder and leader to shorten your path to success.  A good mlm coach will know how and when to impart those keys of success to you.

The popular life coaching model for mlm coaching right now misses the mark for what most need or want.  The coaches in this space often have no tangible success in network marketing, and operate under the false presupposition that “all the answers you need are within you.”  I don’t believe that.  Wisdom and knowledge is learned and imparted by those who know more than you do! – and if you are paying for MLM Coaching, you should have access to that.

MLM Coaching

A third key ingredient to your successful mlm coaching experience will be the “fit” with you and your coach.  It is more than just liking a coach, although that helps – it is that connection that you know this person has the insight into you and can challenge and guide you to your goals more quickly because they have been done paths you are wanting to go, but with less mistakes, and faster.

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