MLM Coach Curt – Truth about Broadcasting

MLM Coach Curt talks about the days he had to get off the coach and change the TV channel – the former days of broadcasting!

MLM Coach Curt & Broadcasting from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

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If you prefer to read instead of watch the video, here is the transcript:

Hey, you’re probably wondering what this is. But before I talk about that, this is MLM Coach Curt with you again. Still getting used to my new little pen here. This is an old-fashioned TV. When I was growing up, there were only three channels. One of them didn’t come in good, and around the button here there was a smaller button called Fine Tuning.

It was called Broadcasting.

What advertisers or marketers knew in that day was that when you went out to get a message out, you got it out to anybody and everybody. That’s the way advertising and broadcasting worked. Three channels get it out to everybody.

Well, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

Today, there are hundreds of channels. Thousands of shows, millions of websites, and to have any effect with your marketing or advertising today, every industry in the world knows, and network marketing is catching up, that it’s called Narrowcasting now. We’ll not call that but that’s what it is.

Instead of broad, it’s narrow.

Narrow or niche marketing, target marketing. Now things have changed. It’s changed in our industry to, of network marketing.

And so if you think everybody’s your prospect, you’re probably going to catch nobody. If you try to catch everybody, you’re going to catch nobody.

But if you specialize, if you feel, you know, “Here’s a group of people that I could really resonate with.”
Here’s a group of people that, maybe you are on a product that really helped your child with asthma.” If you go after other children, parents of children with asthma, instantly you have credibility and success. Don’t be broadcasting anymore. It doesn’t work.

MLM Coach

Find your niche market and move forward. This is MLM Coach Curt signing off.

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