MLM Help – Tip #6 to the Top of MLM


MLM Help – Tip #6

MLM Coach shares Tips – 6 from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

MLM Coach Curt shares tips and strategies about climbing to the top of your mlm company while climbing to the top of Mount Manganui in New Zealand.

Take the time to enjoy all 12 videos and tips as we climb together! Life is a journey – lets enjoy it…

MLM Help

If you would rather read this transcript about mlm help with mlm Coach Curt than watch the video of beautiful New Zealand – here it is:

MLM Help Tip #6

We ran smack dab into a sign. There are two different ways to go here. That is the lesson today for mlm help tips to the top with Coach Curt at mount Manganui here in New Zealand.

Many people run into this sign these days. There is the old-fashioned way of doing net work marketing, chasing family and friends, going to hotel meetings and long business meetings and luncheons. If you enjoy that I encourage you to do it but many people don’t and the failure rate is dismal.

I encourage you to take a different mlm help pathway of where you want to go. It’s called internet work marketing. Employing the power of the internet and marketing yourself to draw leads, prospects, and clients to your business that are already pre sold – and want to hear what you got to say and they want join in what you are offering and I’m not joking, it really works.

I came to this sign the first time and I just stood here, which way do I go? I ended up having to pick a way. I tell you what I used to follow leaders and they had me running all up and down and never got to the top. They didn’t have a mlm help plan. They didn’t have a solid business plan which we talked about earlier. They didn’t have the methods and mlm help activities that would bring and cultivate success. They were guessing and running around.

As I look back I realized I was in a abusive relationship with my up line. They took advantage of me but I learned! I don’t want you to have to go through that.

There is a way to become a professional in this industry. There are two paths to pick. Your STP is to thoroughly research the mlm help material that my very good friend Ann Sieg developed through “The Seven Great Lies of Network Marketing” and the mlm help Renegade marketing system.

It will teach you how to be a professional and as always you can Email me with any questions and comments at I hope you’re enjoying our little mlm help journey here and the view just keeps getting better and better, don’t give up!

Get my eBook: MLM Mastery by MLM Coach Curt Johnson. If you like what you read, get a hold of me.

MLM Coach Curt at the Top


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