MLM Help – Tip #4 to the Top of MLM

MLM Help Tip #4

MLM Coach shares Tips – 4 from Curtis Johnson on Vimeo.

MLM Help

MLM Coach Curt shares tips and strategies about climbing to the top of your mlm company while climbing to the top of Mount Manganui in New Zealand.

Take the time to enjoy all 12 videos and tips as we climb together! Life is a journey – lets enjoy it…

If you would rather read this transcript about mlm help with mlm Coach Curt than watch the video of beautiful New Zealand – here it is:

MLM Help Tip #4

Hey this is Coach Curt welcome back to New Zealand. We’re in Tauranga and today we are going to start climbing Mount Maunganui. We’re going to talk a little bit about mlm help and how this relates to building a home base business or network marketing. Let’s climb and enjoy this pretty view.

One thing that you’ll have to recognize when you get going with your own company that this is network marketing. This is work. It’s not net-waiting. It’s not net-wishing. It’s not net-whining or even net-wanting. This is networking. It probably doesn’t look real bad here but there’s a bit of incline here, it’s a bit rainy and slippery, but if you want to build a business..if you want to build a company there’s going to be some work involved. One of the things that really helps as you’re working is to make sure you enjoy the process (mlm help tip,) the climbing, the activities you’re going to have to do to build your own business.

Here is my STP project for you in this mlm help video number 4 is your strategic, tangible, and practical assignment is who are you going to be accountable to?

The first time I climbed up here I’ll have you know I didn’t make it. I only made it this far and I kind of just walked down and walked back, I didn’t get far at all. Why? I was alone, it didn’t matter. But when you become accountable to someone for mlm help, that’s when it really gets exciting. Who are you going to be accountable to in your business? It could be in upline,down line, or it doesn’t even have to be a network could be your best friend or your spouse that you’re going to be held to the things that are actually building your business.

A lot of network marketers play sending Emails and they look at their down line and they study company material. That is not building your business. You have to get people in front of you, learn the skills to do that, how to attract people into your target market and learn the skills on how to talk to them and help them and lead them and build a team – you need mlm help. All of those include skills.

You’ve got to do the things that will build your business.

You’ve got to climb, it’s work.

So your STP assignment for this mlm help video number 4 is who are you going to be accountable to? You can Email that to me at and I’ll help you with that. I’ll even be accountable to you if you’d like that so we can build a business together, build residual income that will hopefully change your life forever.

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MLM Help:  MLM Coach Curt at the Top


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